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The desperation has set in...


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Hi Everyone,

How have you and all of your cairns been? I know I haven't posted in a while, but with Bailey we barely have any us time, and lately it's been really bad...Which is why I've snuck off to post today while he's napping.

The thing is that I feel terrible. We really had it out today on his last walk because he eats everything he can get his little muzzle on, and it drives me nuts because if I look the other way like I did today, he eats the dog droppings that irresponsible owners don't pick up! We have a nylon training collar on him and I pop it and say no, but he doesn't listen. I know it's because he's teething, and his gums are hurting him, but I've tried everything to help him out with that and nothing seems to work. I finally broke down and bought him some rawhide chews today, even though the vet doesn't recommend them, because nothing else is working. He hates ice cubes, and the frozen bagels thaw too quickly. Do any of you have any other suggestions?

Other than that he's really become part of the family, and we love him to pieces and enjoy having him around more then anything. Training is coming along slowly too, he's nipping a lot, but again I know that comes with the teething territory.

I've included a couple pictures of him taken yesterday. I hope all is well with everyone and their cairns!



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Do you expect us to believe that your little angel with that precious face could do something naughty? Oh, come on now!! :whistle:

My Cairns are doing well except for Elliott's normal pushing of my buttons. Does Bailey have any chew toys to help with his teething? I found the hard rubber bones are good as are kongs stuffed with goodies (try a high quality canned dog food, add maybe a baby carrot and freeze it)

Mine love the bully sticks. Get the largest you can afford and keep them in the freezer.

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Bailey is really cute!!!! I think this is how they get by with their behavior...too cute to get mad at!

Finch was not a chewer, but boy, Scout was!!! By the time she was finished teething, she had nailed several shoes, purses, and belts (I guess we could have put our clothes away, huh?).

Have you tried rubber toys....especially ones that make noise? They make a little rubber Kong that my two love chewing on, especially if I put some treats inside!

As far as eating poo...Scout never did, but Finch still does and NOTHING I do stops her, She won't eat her own, or Scouts, but she eat all other dogs poo. I try to walk her in the street, next to the lawn. This keeps her out of the grass and is also good for her nails. I don't do this on busy streets...just in our neighborhood.

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Remember when your mother told you that when you have kids they make up for all the things you use to do?????

Well Bailey must have know exactly what kind of kid you were. :devil: It is payback time.

The pictures are great what a cutie!


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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Neither of mine eat poop, thankfully. I'd try to really keep his attention on you while he is walking and then maybe he'll miss the poop. One thing that worked with Mia was to carry a squeaky toy and squeak it when ever she started sniffing around. Also, give a lot of little treats during your walk. Dried liver is great. Bully sticks are also great, Mia (who is not teething) engages in occasional random destructive chewing - these seem to help.

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My two don't eat dog poo, but Kitty poo is a different story. One would think that it was Ambrosia the way they zero in and eat it faster than I can get it away.

I'm thankful that neighborhood Cats don't frequent my yard as much as they have in the past.


Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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Guest rottndobie

Well, contrary to your vet, I highly recommend PRESSED rawhides, especially for chewing puppies. The only way I ever kept my sanity raising them.

Far as eating everything in sight - this is also very normal puppy behavior. Think 2 year old child and all they get into - this is just like your puppy. IMHO all you can do is gently correct they when they try to eat something and distract them with either a toy or something they can have.

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And I've had good results with the pressed rawhide also. Just make sure you get the large bones and that they are preservative free.

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How adorable is Bailey!!! Oh my!!! I love the one ear up, one ear down phase. Just too precious for words!

Darcy likes to check out everyone on the ground as well and we just keep her leash a bit closer when we know she's in an area she's showing great interest in.

The new thing I mentioned is try doing a plastic bottle with cap on and putting it in one or two tube socks... then tie off the end of the sock. Darcy has been going ape crazy over this new cheap toy. As soon as she gets a hole in a sock and can reach the bottle it goes in the trash. Dont' want her to chew up the plastic and hurt her gums or swallow any. I wish I had other advice for you.

You've got a great looking baby though. When Darcy was just a baby all I would tell her was that she was lucky she was so cute cause it's the only thing that keeps her out of trouble.

Good luck!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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My upright used to carry bits of cooked chicken on my walks. Kept my attention. But I never ate POOP! She also keeps toys all over the floor so I can't find the shoes, purses, etc. She is a messy housekeeper so she doesn't mind the toys, 'cept when she steps on them. I learn new words that way. She also makes sure I am plenty tired, lots of walks and running around the house. They "pretend" chase me and I run all over like the house like a nut. Then I am too tired to get into mischief, mostly.

Woof, and don't eat poop!


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