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Pictures of a sleepy girl

Darcy's Folks

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Wanted to show these pics of Darcy. We keep a comforter at the end of our bed which Darcy has turned into her own covers of sorts.

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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She looks so much like my Piper!!

I especially like the first pic with her legs splayed out like that. My little guy sleeps like that all the time and it is sooooo cute!!

Thanks for sharing,


Cathy and Piper

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Hi All - I am new to the Cairn world and cant but notice there are several different "looks" that Cairns can have. Are there different versions of Cairns? I notice some have very long noses and others are more "boxy" looking. I have also noticed the many different types of coats. Zoey (who is only 9 weeks) seems to have very coarse hair and thick. Just curious about the differences !!!

Heres another picture ----- I'm so hooked I cant help but share her

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Welcome to Zoey in Maine. A Cairn puppy can indeed hook you for life. We're all fellow-sufferers I suspect :P

There aren't supposed to be different versions of Cairns, but there is a breed standard and all dogs fall short to greater or lesser degrees. Even the top winning show Cairns have faults - the perfect dog has yet to be bred ... although those who work to preserve the breed make it their life's work to keep trying as that effort keeps the breed as whole close to what it is supposed to be, rather than let it drift away into a generic dog.

If you look at some of the dogs in the show pictures and specialty albums on our host site's photo gallery, you will see examples of dogs that are willing to be judged as to how well they adhere to the AKC breed standard as to what defines a Cairn Terrier.

Anyone who cares for the Cairn Terrier as a breed is welcome here and you will indeed see many of our dogs are far from meeting the standard of perfection for the breed itself (whether the UK or FCI standard, or the AKC standard used here in the USA). Our non-show companions meet our Standard for Love anyway.

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CRCTC: Columbia River Cairn Terrier Club 



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Thanks for the info !!!! They are an amazing breed !!! I am hooked and i have only had her less than 2 weeks

By the way --- I live in Portland Maine !!!!

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Zoey is absolutely precious - and welcome to the group!

My best friend here at work (Philadelphia) is from Bar Harbor and is trying really hard to get a transfer to our Portland, Maine office!

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Darcy is so precious! Aren't they the cutest when they are sleeping????

Welcome Zoey! You are a doll too!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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