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Wagging in her sleep

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Hi all,

Just wanted to share this cute "new" thing Darcy did. We have all seen/heard our dogs bark or run/feet twitch in their sleep. Well, for the first time ever we witnessed Darcy wagging her tail while she was dead asleep. It was absolutely hilarious. We were all lying on the bed watching Sunday morning tv yesterday. Darcy fell dead asleep, and as we were watching tv we noticed her tail start to wag profusely. We thought maybe she had woken up. But no, dead to the world!!! And this wasn't just a quick one or two time tail wag. This was full on, hard core wagging... as though we just walked in from leaving her alone for a while. The kind where their tail wags so hard you think their bottom is going to fall off.

We figured she must have been having a really HAPPY dream... we of course assume she was dreaming about us, her mommy & daddy. :wub: It was so cute... and funny!

Anyone else ever seen their dog wag their tail in their sleep???

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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Hi Darcy's mom --

Our current cairn (Allie) wags in her sleep, and so did our last (Annie). Doesn't it make your curious about what wonderful thing they are dreaming about? :wub:

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These Cairns are so funny!!

I like it when the tail gets going along with chirps, sighs, and all sorts of goofy noises!!

Really do have to wonder what they are dreaming about??


Cathy and Piper

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