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Rebel,baths and chickens!


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Well we've had Rebel for 4 weeks now ,and are truely in love with him :wub: I just find it amazing that there are hardly any cairns over here, he is so beautiful ,and a few people I know are already talking about getting one, but they haven't heard all the stories :twisted:

Tannalee my 7 year old, loves Rebel watching her have a bath,he stands on a little stool and she splashes,he tries to eat the water ect. there are many giggles and they both have fun,well last night Rebel got too excited and jumped in :shock: I was actually working so hubby had to deal with it,he wasn't impressed but Tanna and Rebel thought it was great, I'll have to watch those two.

I don't know if you remember, I was worried about my chickens before I got Rebel?I now know why cairns come in brindle,it's so when they are running around the chicken yard with feathers flying everywhere you can't see them! It seems the wipper snipper must of cut the fence wire and we didn't notice,but Rebel did :devil: after much screaming "Rebel come"(yeah right),Riley jumped on him and all was well,I've since taken him in on leash and he was fine, it's only if they run,he will chase them(fare enough) , so we will work on that one.

All in all he is perfect,I wish I could figure out the photo thing I would love to show you a picture, I will work on that too :)

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Oh my gosh, i bet that was a hoot when Rebel jumped in the tub. I can hear the giggles now!! Sounds like something Ellie would do, she looooves the water, except for baths of course!!!

Looking forward to seeing some pics.

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Great stories!!!! I think it's hilarious that he jumped into the tub. You can just imagine the excitement and how his little butt just wiggled a bit too much and he just HAD to jump!!!! Ha ha... would love to see pics!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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