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A friend sent me this message and I thought it should be passed on

On Wednesday, one of our Disaster Animal Response Teams in New

Orleans rescued a St. Bernard from a rooftop - a dog they

described as the most emaciated animal they had ever seen in all

their years of handling animals. The veterinarian who treated

the dog was shocked that the animal, who weighed just 40 pounds,

was still alive.

Who helped us rescue this animal? It was several National

Guardsmen, who heeded our rescuers' pleas to take them through

the water on a tank so they could get up on the roof to save the


But the troops' actions were not ordered by the National Guard -

nor by the White House, the Defense Department, the Department

of Homeland Security, or the State of Louisiana. In fact,

despite our repeated requests, none of these entities has

formally agreed to marshal their ground forces to help rescue

the pets and other animals slowly starving to death in the

affected areas.

At a press conference just a few hours ago, I implored the

federal government to come up with the nation's first animal

rescue plan. Now, I am writing to ask you to give them the same

message: Please call or email President Bush and other officials

today and urge them to help us before it's too late.

Send a message to the President


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