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Very brave 9 week old puppy


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I have to laugh. We've had many big hunting dogs over the years that were terrified of thunder and would dive under the nearest piece of furniture to hide.

Little 9 week old Abby Rose was sniffing my carpeting and I knew she "had to go". So I took her out to our covered porch thinking that was better than my carpet and we could stay dry.

Off she ran out into the rain and thunder without a second thought. (It was even scaring me). I had to go out in the rain to finally get her back in. Brave or very foolish. I'm not sure which....

abbyrose17lk.gifAbby Rose
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Abby sounds very brave! Finch is scared of some loud noises, especially workers putting on a new roof!!!!! I thought we would have a problem on the 4th of July, with the firework noises, but she didn't seem concerned at all. The other day we had a horrible storm and we watched it from our front porch (not for long!) and Finch seemed very unconcerned about the noise and flashing lights! Now, when my son goes down our hardwood steps, two steps at a time, she cowers in the corner...go figure!

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My dog isn't scared of loud noises- on the contrary, he does his best to be LOUDER than what he hears, constantly going off whenever he hears something loud and strange outside. We haven't had any problem with thunder though- he doesn't seem to care about it.

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Well hurray for the brave lassie! Of course she's not scared of thunder, she's a true-bred highland terrier after all. We had a rare Southren California thunderstorm last night and we all woke up to it at 4 am. Sure, they barked once or twice but I told them it was ok and we all went right back to sleep. We use the phrase "its ok" and give pats when they are nervous about something and they have come to trust our pronouncements, I think! At least, it stops the miscellaneous alarm barking more effectively than scolding seems to.

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