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Using his brain


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Just how his little mind works....

The other day I washed Maddy's bed and it wasn't quite dry enough to put in her crate so I put it on top of Winnie's crate to finish drying. Her crate is quite large and tall.

Madison sees the bed and easily jumps up and sits on it. Elliott tries like heck to jump up too but he just can't jump that high. He tries and tries and keeps falling off to the side in frustration. So he then gets up on his hind legs, puts the end of the bed in his mouth and pulls it and Madison off the crate!

They never cease to amaze me....:whistle:

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They are amazing, aren't they? I think Cairns live by their golden rule, "I want what I want when I want it!" :lol: Elliot gets an "A" for determination. I have to laugh when I change the sheets (I use crib sheets) on my Cairns bed's. They dive back on before I'm finished. They sure love their beds.

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Beth, mom to Ninja (5), Hannah (7), Abbey (7 1/2), Kiara (10)

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When my grandkids spend the night, I have a blow up bed that Mitch uses, and oh my god do the girls love that bed. I swear they've made a game of beggin for me to help them on the big bed so they can jump off onto the blowup. THey bounce on that thing, they really remind me of kids playing...but then I guess they are! They sure are funny though.

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they are funny about their beds aren't they.

Friday night we had to spend the night at our business because our AC went out at home (we have an apartment at the shop) Hubby brought the girls crates for them to sleep in. I left the girls at the shop while I came home to wait for the ac people. Their crates were side by side. I had already taken the blankets and pillows out of Teona's crate because she will tear them up during the day. I come back and Teona somehow had pulled all three of Tabitha's blankets thru the crates into her crate. Teona had all the blankets and poor Tabitha had none. It cracked me up! :)

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I also have two dogs, but only one is a cairn, while the other is a schnoodle who thinks he is a cairn! Yesterday was Yoda's grooming day, while Cooper got left behind at home. After we picked Yoda up, I gave Cooper, the cairn, a badly needed bath. He is so funny as he makes these deep rumbling sounds way down in his belly because he likes the rubbing and scratching so much. Once he aired dried most the way, I let him out of the tub and they were off!

Zoom...zoom...zoom...from one end of the house to the other they went. Once Cooper was dried all the way, I got out the brush to brush him. Well, this always proves to be quite an experience, because if one is being brushed, the other thinks he has to be too! I would brush Cooper, then Yoda would worm his way in, so I would brush him....here comes Cooper again, hitting the brush with his nose (tag team brushing??) letting me know it was his turn again! This went on for a good 30 minutes, then I actually had to hide the brush so they would leave it alone! I think they would have kept me at it all night long!

What characters....


Children don't care how much you know...they want to know how much you care.
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It is very cool how smart these little dogs are. They are SO determined and will get what they want at all costs. I am constantly amazed at how Darcy "figures things out". When Darcy could jump on the top of her crate that's when I realized that no space in our home was "sacred" anymore! ha ha

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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The other day, I moved Savannah's crate to vaccuum the bedroom. WHen I finished the bedroom, I sat her crate in the middle of the bedroom floor finished the rest of the house. I fogot to move her crate back against the wall like it normally stays. When it was time for bed that night, she ran to get in her crate, looked at the crate sitting in the middle of the bedroom and went and sat where her crate was supposed to be. She REFUSED to get in the crate because it was in the middle of the room. I moved her crate to it's normal spot about 2 feet away and she got right in. Crazy dog! I think she may be a little OCD!!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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I enjoy these stories. Elliott reminds me of what problem-solvers these guys are. And heaven help us when they are choosing just which particular problem to solve! Savannah reminds me of just how much dogs expect and value consistency in their world.

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