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Rocky, the Katrina survior


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I just had to tell you all this story about Rocky. My daughter and I worked at the animal shelter that has been set up to take in the animal refugees from the affected areas. Our job was to unload trucks of supplies, put together crates, and walk the dogs that were in their kennels. Dana and I found three dogs who had been "roomed" in one horse stall, each in their own kennels. They obviously knew eachother and were comfortable with eachother. Two yellow lab mixes, and one cairn/schnauzer mix named Rocky. Well, obviously my heart went out to Rocky, who had the body of a cairn, and the silver, silky, somewhat curly coat of a schnauzer. He was very subdued and scared when I got him out. But as we walked outside, getting closer and closer to a field of grass, his personality began to come out. As we got closer to the pond, his attention was caught by the sudden movement of a fish jumping in the water. That was it. Suddenly, he was crying that disctinctive cairn scream, yapping, panting, jumping, anything to get to that fish. His leash was long, so I allowed him to get to the water's edge, thinking he wouldn't go in. WRONG! He jumped into the water, and began to swim around, looking for the fish! I let him swim (and his lab buddies were also swimming) for a while. As soon as he got out, he was rolling and rubbing his face along the grass just like Tucker and Scruffy do. He was joyful and happy, and it made me happy to see it. I plan on spending the rest of my volunteer time over there. These dogs can't say "thank you" in a language I can understand, but their happy eyes and wagging tails say it all for me.


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Thela, how nice of you to go spend time volunteering at the dog shelter.....wish I could come and play with the dogs with you! Do you know if they are going to try to find the owners of the animals, or will they foster them? I wish I could do more to help.

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Thela...first of all, thank you to you and your daughter for helping these lost dogs find some comfort.

What a tremendously uplifting story of Rocky!!! Being from Philadelphia I'm going to think of him like our Rocky Balboa, the never-say-die fighter.

My husband and I were watching some rescues on Fox News and they were doing a live telecast of a helicopter lowering a basket to two what appeared to be 20-30'sh guys on a roof. After they lifted the one guy up into the basket and the camera panned back to the other guy on the roof all of a sudden you saw this really cute little brown dog running around on the roof. My husband thought maybe they maybe they would make them leave the dog behind - at which point I'd have to shut the TV off. When the second guy was getting into the basket the dog sat next to the basket nice as anything. The chopper guy gently picked up the little dog and placed him on the guy's lap and off they both went into the helicopter. I actually had tears running down my face. I am SUCH a wuss when it comes to dogs (or any animals).

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It's so nice to read such an uplifting story after such a horrible tragedy. You are wonderful volunteering with those animals. I know they don't talk but the human contact is so comforting for them in this scary and uncertain time. :thumbsup:

Tuff & Tippy

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It's great that you are volunteering at the shelter! I assume you and your family are still doing okay. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



PS Kai-lee sends puppy kisses to Rocky!

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That is so great Thela! You are like the dogs fairy godmother. Please let us know if the place that you are volunteering at needs any one to donate pet supplys. I would be honored to send some food, toys or whatever is needed.

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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