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New Cairn Owner...Bailey arrives Friday


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Welcome Trista! :)

There are tons of people on this board that are way more knowlegeable about cairns than I, so that being said I'll just wish you good luck and enjoy that puppy!

Max has been one of the best things that's happened to our family. I feel in some ways he unite us more. Either by love or the fact that it takes all of us to raise him and chase him!!


Sheila - mom of Maximus

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Hi Trista! Welcome to our little group.

You will be so happy with your choice of a Cairn as a new family member. You will wonder how you ever lived without Bailey. Then you'll wonder how you ever learned to live without pee and poop on a floor, puppy chewing on your stuff, etc. ;)

Personally I love the idea the breeder is sending the towel with the scent on it. That's always good even if you have to put them in a kennel or leave them for any length of time.

I think the best thing that I personally can say is have patience, patience....and then more patience. It will all be worth it. I have been lucky with my former Cairn and now with Scully when it came to potty training. Using the same area all the time is best, as is using the same words each time, i.e. "Let's go potty" or something similar.

Bailey is going to fill your lives with so much love and happiness. We can't wait to see pictures!

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Thanks for the welcomes! Yes, we're trying to prepare ourselves as best we can for the "accidents" lol...We live in a two bedroom apartment in Boston so we're thinking of paper training him on Wee-Wee pads, just because it would be easier for everyone come wintertime, we're known to get pretty bad winters. Obviously though we'll have to move on from that sooner or later, and we do plan on taking him outside, but doing both at the same time confuses them. Whew, it's exhusting just thinking about it all, but I'm so up for the challange.

Bailey is arriving Friday officially, all I'm waiting for is the call from the breeder with the flight info. We're so excited. :)




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Welcome Trista and Bailey,

You'll have such a good time with that little guy. Just be prepared...on the flight over to you, he is reading Mommy and Daddy Training. Somehow they pick up on that faster than we pick up on training them.

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Guest Darcy's Mom

Welcome. I can imagine your anticipation and excitement waiting for Bailey to arrive. In a Cairn Terrier book we bought over 15 yrs. ago when we first got our previous Cairns, one of the first sentences in the book was: "I will not be ignored." That is so true with these great little dogs.

I just know you will love him with all your heart, but keep in mind, they are a little stubborn and compete for the Alfa role in your family. You have to take the lead and let him know you are the "boss".

And, please post pics as soon as you can. We would love to see him. Good luck and let us hear from you when you get him settled in.

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