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"Faux Cairn" Updated Photo!

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Alright everyone... here's a photo of Darcy taken today. She is just shy of turning 8 months old. The pictures you have seen of her previously were all taken prior to June... she's filled out/grown up quite a bit. We simply can't believe how "Cairn" she looks. We have really enjoyed all of your replies and appreciate the supportive nature you all take on your posts. It's hard to own a "mutt" and find a group you can feel a "part of". Thanks again! You all are great!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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Darcy is such a doll - she has such a sweet little face!!!! It sounds like you are as lucky to have her as she is to have you!!!!


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Well, Darcy looks so much like a Cairn to me....anyway, like Maggie and Sally stated, she's one of us.....part of a huge Cairn family!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Darcy looks like our Gracie! She is certainly Cairn! And it wouldn't matter a hoot anyway, right? They are just part of your family. I had a Cairn mix, Molly for 18 years and her personality was pure Cairn! I wouldn't have traded her for all of the "purebred" dogs in the whole world. :thumbsup:

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She is a darling fur-angel, just as surely one of our Creator's precious babies as any purebred. Bless you for giving her a great home!

off the top of my head, and prolly in the wrong order:

All creatures great and small

All things bright and beautiful

All things wise and wonderful

The good Lord makes them all

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