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I think I found a Cairn-proof toy


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We have several of those toys! The froggy is still in tact, and one of Finch's favorite toys (among lots of others!), and we have had one of the ducks since Scout was a puppy (she's 3).


This is the yellow duck....the head lasted about 5 minutes...the rest of the body lasted about another week....lol!

But, I must say, the others have worn like iron!!

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We have dupes of several of the Dr. Noys toys (duck, round disc in leopard print, etc.) but they just don't hold my pup's interest. Dr. Noys does make replacement squeakers, which we need when we are repairing the patients in the stuffed animal hospital.

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I have spent about $40 so far on my Cairn and I have only had him for 3 weeks. He chews the hell out of all his toys. I tried the Kong toys first. After realizing it was not going to be easy to get the treat out he proceeded to eat around the edges to get at it. I have now thrown two away. Thats about $20. I bought him a $8 frog with ropes attached. The ropes are not longer ropes. I bought him a stuffed bone with a squeaker in it. He destroyed it in two days with my wife playing with him. The best toy so far has been a regular tennis ball. He eats the fuzz but it passes right through. If anyone wants to wear out their Cairn, take them for a 3 mile run or walk. We are a young family and exercise frequently. Whe he gets home he sleeps until the next morning. Sometimes he does not even move. Good luck to all. I think it is case by case when it comes ot good toys for your Cairn. :lol:

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