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My havahart trap


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Today was the final straw after finding 3 deposits of that nasty smelling poop in my yard. Because of whatever animal is doing it, I've had to restrict my Cairns from having full reign of the backyard and it's got me quite angry. No matter where this stuff was, they were finding it, rolling in it and it was horrible to get out of their coats. Plus not knowing who was leaving it was a cause for concern.

After doing some research (you know you're in trouble when you type in "wildlife scat or droppings" in a search engine and surf through pictures of poop!! :sick: )

I think it might be a raccoon and if it is, their feces harbor worms that can cause major illness in dogs and people alike.

So today I set up a havahart trap near the spot where I'm finding the messes. Just so happens to be where the dogs can see it from the deck and Elliott's been sticking his head through the deck slats, barking and drooling over the bacon that's in it. I can only imagine the ruckus if I do trap a varmit and he sees it.

Let's just all hope it's not a skunk but another creature who will find happiness and joy in another location far from my residence and my Cairns can frolick on the stone wall as nature intended.

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I hope your trap works!!!!!!! We have the same problem here...but I don't know if it's another dog or some other type of animal....always thought it was another dog pooing in our yard!

Gosh, I just wish there was something we could give our dogs so they don't eat other dogs (or other animals) poo! Finch does not eat her own poo, or Scouts...but is always finding other poo to eat...yuck! Is there something, other than keeping them on a very short leash, to get them to stop eating poo?

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Good luck in your mission. I am interested to know what the culpit is! Please let us know if you catch it!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

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Guest mrskti

kayharley, cat food is a good bait for the have a heart traps, that's what we use. And if the critter is a groundhog, they are vegetarians.....so the bacon wont do it.

One night i went to the garage to get dog food from the plastic trash can i used, and an ugly old possum crawled out of the bin, scared the wholly crap out of me, man are they ugly. I use to find them sleeping in the cat bed with the cats!!! My cats were so dumb they just didnt get that they weren't good guests!!!

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As soon as you said you were going to set one of these traps out, I immediately thought of Elliot and his reaction to it.....I'm glad to say he's living up to my expectations!!!


Children don't care how much you know...they want to know how much you care.
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I hope the trap catches your uninvited guest. That's what I love about having an Aussie. He runs the yard frequently and is always on patrol for critters and seems to do a good job keeping them out of the backyard. Now I think an armadillo is back in the front yard, as I found this tunnel up by the house where one had previously dug.

Let us know what you catch. Like Brad said, I'm sure your cairns will sound off their "intruder caught alarm" :lol:

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Ok Sandy this is so strange! I thought of you this am.

My hubby opens up our front door and smack dab in the middle

of the first step is this Black, tarry, substance. ( I thought immediately

of your posts about this problem) along side of the "poop"

was a feather about 12 inches long, and halfway down the walkway was

another feather...this one was like three feet long :shock:

We were so freaked out, but dh had to make the train, so I was left

to clean :sick: It was the FOULEST, GOOPIEST, SLIME I have ever encounter.

The size was about the size of a silver dollar, and it was FOUL! :sick:

My DMIL thinks it could be a pheasant?

I don't know. That along with the spiders make me think I need to

go back to the city :D


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Oh no, I believe this forum is turning to crap! :lol: So "it" reminded you of me, eh? :whistle:

Actually what I'm finding is the size of cat poops but that same color, odor and consistancy of what you described. Our entire yard is fenced in but easily accessed by any climbing or jumping animal as the fence is only 5'. Cats can easily sneak in and a couple years ago we had deer back here so anything is possible.

I never thought of any type of bird doing it. If it is, I guess the chance of one flying into my trap is pretty nil.

I added a spoonful of Wellness dog food...vegetarian type/fish just in case I have a fussy eater.

We'll see.....

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Let us know what you catch, we have all kinds of critters around us, but our big dogs chase any uninvited guests out of the area. Another bird I thought of was a hawk or owl maybe. I do hope it's not a skunk PU. Good Luck tonight. :thumbsup:

Tuff & Tippy

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Hi Ellie:

I think your husband is right about your bird. Male Pheasant feathers are brownish with black horizontal strips, the females are just funky looking and I can't really describe it. If your up along the Hudson in Westchester county- It could be a peacock too- they do escape from some of the historic estates.

And as I type- the gremlins are roaming arond the desk looking for something to get into. Naughty Puppies.


Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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Guest girliejr

kayharley, I can sympothize with you! I had the same problem at my old house and Jack found it and rolled in it every time! It was so bad!! :sick: I thought it was cats, but I was never sure what it was.

We don't live there anymore, and so far (knock on wood!) I have not had problems with this at our new house.

Good luck with your "catch"!

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It sounds like possum poop to me from your description. We also set a havahart trap and did catch one baby.

When Piper went on his killing spree last summer, we would find it all over the yard. And, of course, we just had to roll in it, too. YUCK!!

Any luck yet??


Cathy and Piper

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