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Yucky Puppy Day


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Had a tough puppy day Friday! Started with my female (who hasnt pottied in the house in weeks) deciding to pee on our bed! I had to rush the down comforter to the cleaners and launder everything else before work! What gets into these dogs tiny minds?

Then, that night, after dinner and drinks, and when all is calm, she came tearing through the doggie door at warp 9 skreeching and looking at her hind leg. I thought maybe she had a boo-boo of some kind so I picked her up and cuddled her on the couch. The dh said he smelled doody! Oh yeah! She had been running and screaming because she had a big ol doody KLINGON! I had doody on me, the couch, my shoe somehow, and since at first I though it was just on her foot, I put her in the bath tub to rinse and then I had a BUNCH of doody in the tub :mad:

Don't even get me started on her new hobby of barking at birds, aggressively depriving Connor of his chewies, and shrieking if I leave her downstairs for five minutes to do something. Must be a teenager thing, she is just now 6 months old.

I love this puppy to bits, :wub: but she is really having me on. I WILL win. Heh heh, and she gets spayed tomorrow, maybe that will mellow her out?

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I really don't want to burst your bubble of hope but neutering did absolutely nothing to calm mine down. It definately is a plus in the long run but the day I picked Elliott up after his surgery, he was hell on four paws! :devil:

I promise you will laugh at what happened to you someday. All the things mine have done that totally stressed me out, after the fact I always found humor in their antics. But at the time...UGH!

Hang in there.

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Savannah is acting the same way and she will be 8 months old August 8th. She started barking at the air conditioner EVERYTIME that it comes on (we live in GA so the A/C comes on frequently), the washing machine everytime it changes cycles and last night the iron when the steam came out! She scared the crap out of me and almost made me burn my hand. :mad: She has been doing the A/C thing for a month and it seems like she keeps finding more and more fun things to bark at. Needless to say, she starts "school" on Wednesday. I am sure I will have some good stories to tell about that! Good luck Scotts and know that I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you find anything that helps, PLEASE share!!!!!!!

Edited to add that Savannah was spayed in June and it only slowed her down for 1 day. Maybe you will have better luck!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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Our 6 month old pups, Gracie and Spike were spayed (and neutered) last month and they were not themselves for a whole day. That was it...They were back to the wild little Cairns I know and love.

Grace is now barking at anything and everything...the sound of my footsteps on the stairs, cars, trains, other dogs, birds, you name it. And now that I've gone back to the classroom they are both very needy and seem to get into everything they shouldn't. I'm hoping they will soon settle into a routine. Ha Ha :)

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