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Cairn Haiku - Poll 1 of 5


Vote for your favorite Cairn haiku  

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  1. 1. Vote for your favorite Cairn haiku

    • Bon Appetit
    • Diving Diva
    • Hot-Diggety
    • The hang-out
    • Guard Dog ...
    • Stinky Pup
    • Enticement
    • My home is your home
    • While We Try To Sleep
    • In the yard

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Bon Appetit

Steel bowl full with food

Seconds pass, food gone, silence

Loud burp! Dinner good!


Diving Diva

The water calls her

She sees her beloved float

Now she takes the plunge



He sniffs the area

"What's this....?" scratches the soft ground

Soil flies all around


The hang-out

Treat jar has no name

But it always looks the same

Twelve paws beneath it.


Guard Dog....

Sleeping in my bed

I hear a noise so I bark

Oh it's just Mom, Sigh......


Stinky Pup

My stinky puppy

To bathe or not to bathe him

That is the question



I have a Cookie,

Won't you come my little one

NO not til I'm done!


My home is your home

Lizards, Mice, Crickets

too! Wes sneaks 'em all inside.

"Hide under my couch!"


While We Try To Sleep

Voices bark, cairn ears

Hear faint rumbles, thunder comes

The boys protect us


In the yard

Holes dug, plants watered

Cairn commandos stand on guard

Cairn ears listening


This is a poll for choosing a finalist in the Cairn Haiku contest. There are five polls - you may vote once in each of the five polls. The top vote-getter in each individual poll will be placed in a final poll to determine the overall favorite Cairn haiku. This poll will close at 8:00 PM server time (Pacific Daylight Savings Time) on Sunday, August 8.

Note to contributors - while I tried to be reasonably generous in pronouncing words in order to get syllable counts into line, poems that could not be coaxed into 5-7-5 format are not included. While 5-7-5 is not the only format acceptable for haikus, it was the format specified for this contest. All submissions were lovely and worthy of re-reading and I thank everyone who contributed to this fun project in any way.

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