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I can't wait


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I am so excited! We only have 9 days left until we pick

up our new baby!! I can't stand it. I am so excited. I am

thinking there are things I should be doing to get Grilly ready

for his sister....but I have no idea what :confused: Any suggestions?

We will be bringing Grill to the breeders to pick her up, because it

is a seven hour drive.....so they will meet there. Any advice for

the nervous new mom?




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Congratulations! I am very happy for you! The waiting must seem like an eternity.

When we brought Emma home we let her and Eric meet in the backyard for the first time. They played for a long time and then came into the house together. It was love at first sight. Grilly will be fine with his sister. Just give them time to investigate each other and the bond will form.

We are on a waiting list for a little boy to come before the end of the year (hopefully). I am already picking out names and planning for the new arrival and he hasn't been conceived yet! I can just imagine the excitement at your house.

Best of luck, Ellie. I'll look forward to seeing her pictures.


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I know just how you feel. It is a little less than three weeks and I will get Sugar. I talk to Rebel and Hamm all about the little sister and I know they have no idea she is coming. I did get the travel carrier since she will be flying back with me. The carrier is in our sunroom where the boys stay during the day and they will go in and sniff it to check it out. I hope that she will get use to the new scent and that will help.

Be sure to let us know how Grill does with his new little sister. I am sure it will go wonderfully.



Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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Oh, I feel your excitement! I loved preparing for the arrival of a puppy. I always go shopping at Wal-Mart and buy some light-weight baby blankets and water resistant pads (burp pads) for the crate. I also buy a new fleece pet toy. Hannah still sleeps w/ her Moose and Abbey still has her Lambsy. I found those giant plastic buckets are great to keep the pup in during the day when she's sleeping. Here's a picture of Hannah when she first came home. When I wasn't able to watch her, I'd put her in this and carry her room to room w/ me. When she got older, I had a port-a-crib for her until she was big enough to be left w/ Kiara & Abbey.


Soon you'll be staring at your new pup. Until then, here a picture of Baby Hannah! :wub:


I also made sure to buy my other two new toys and gave them plenty of attention. Kiara was quite jealous of Hannah at first and did snap at her. Both of them were way too rough playing w/ her so she had to be supervised w/ them. When Hannah was sleeping, we made sure to play w/ the other two.

Can't wait for pictures of your new pup! :)

<img src=&quot;http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/maiwag/terriersiggy.jpg" border="0" class="linked-sig-image" />

Beth, mom to Ninja (5), Hannah (7), Abbey (7 1/2), Kiara (10)

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Congrats on your new arrival......I know the days waiting will be long....but just think of what you get to take home..!


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Oh Ellie, how exciting!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your new family member. You must be out of your mind with anticipation. All the aunts and uncles here can't wait to see pictures!

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congratulations............make sure to take lots of pictures :)

It took a few days for Tabitha to really want to play with Teona. I just made sure they were supervised together at all times.

Here's our little Teona the first week she was home with us...........


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Oh...you must be so excited...I'm excited for you!!

Any chance your breeder is in N.H.? Any chance we have the same one? I don't know why I'm thinking this but I am.

Anyway, we want pictures and stories. Enjoy!!


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Thanks everybody for the well wishes!


Yes! I think we share breeders!!!

Teri and TooMany,

Thanks for the baby pics! I am going to Babys

R Us and get some outfits :shy:


Great card. Thanks a bunch!


Congrats to you ! Sugar is a great name. We are still up

in the air. I like Grace.....Amazing Grace and DH likes Pink :huh:

Thanks again everybody. Pics will be coming soon! I can't wait!!!!!!


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Well, we brought our 9 week old Riley home on Monday from I believe the same breeder in the NH Lakes region. He couldn't be cuter. We are dealing with the Cairn puppy antics of wanting to bite/chew on everything and house breaking/crate training.

It really is like having a baby again.


Here's Riley and his bodayguard Taylor.


Good luck Grilly!!

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I just found out that our town ordinance allows 4, yes that's 4 dogs per household. I have 3....and all these puppy stories and pictures are not helping me keep my sanity!!

There is nothing like holding a Cairn puppy in your arms and having him/her snuggle into your neck. Oh God am I in trouble. Talk me out of it, talk me out of it, talk me out of it.... :whistle:

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Riley is adorable. He looks just like Grilly when he was

a baby. here he is now at 4 years old.



He is the love of our lives.

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Oh, it makes me want to get a little puppy. Ours were a little older when we got them. Here is one of Brody at about 4.5 months.


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I believe Riley, Grilly and Elliott are all related. And from some of the pics I've seen of Grilly, they look like they could be twins.

Grilly has the exact same coloring as Elliott...I keep hoping he'll get a bit darker or redder only because I tend to get him and Maddy confused at times. But I do love the wheaten/brindle coloring. :wub::wub:

Riley is just the cutest thing and I could hug him forever. They grow up so quick...it was just a year ago that I traveled from N.H. with Elliott in my lap...this 8 week old innocent Cairn terrier who has enriched our lives and entertained us constantly is now almost a year old....B-day 8/27.

Love of our lives? That couldn't be said any better.

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I definitely think Grilly and "helliot" are blood brothers! If you

get my drift. I always get such a kick out of those stories. Grilly

and Elliott do look a lot a like, and Grilly was a terror as a baby.

I am sure if we compared their "papers" we would find a common


(and then they could shred it to bits :lol:)

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Riley's mom and dad are Andy and Bo(gart)

I told his grandma(?) Irene about you all, passed along your messages and invited her to check out this forum.

Riley reminds me of our son when he was a toddler. Cute as can be and in to everything.


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You all have such cute puppy pictures! I tried when Wes was little. But he was so active, all I got was a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Love them. all!

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