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Weird Habits


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All these things just add so much character to our pups, so I was just wondering if any of your Cairns have any weird habits?

One weird habit Tippy has picked up is; She gets in the shower with me every morning now. It started a couple weeks ago when I noticed her standing at the door, so I opened it up a little and she crept in and then left, each day she would stay a bit longer and now If I don't open the door for her she will hit it until I do. :D

Another weird thing the dogs do is; The both love eating Ice Cubes, they will lick the bowl until I put about 6-8 Ice cubes in they take them out and play with them, they will even fight over them, like toys even it there are other Ice Cubes in the bowl.

I think its cute the funny things they come up with. :P

Tuff & Tippy

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when coming in from outside, Tabitha will run to the living room onto the edge of the carpet and turn around in a circle then bark. I never taught her this, she's just been doing it on her own for years. Sometimes you can get her to do it one more time by saying "turn a circle". If you don't give her a treat, she will just stand there and bark.

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In the morning when I let the dogs out, they know that I will be leaving shortly after they come back inside. They automatically get into their crates where treats are sometimes waiting. If there are not treats in there, Yoda will bonk the door open with his nose, letting me know there is something missing! He continues to do this till I lock him in (of course I'm always chuckling!). It's even funnier if I don't get the treat in there fast enough (according to him) because sometimes he tries to bonk it back open and the door is already locked...the look on his face is priceless!


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Scout does something that's pretty funny. 1) Whenever we are in the backyard and the pups are running around, they get pretty hot soon. Both of them will run downstairs in the basement to cool off. Scout runs to the couch and as soon as she hits the couch, she lays on her back and stays in this position! Usually dogs get to this position after falling asleep, but Scout gets in this position and stays there....pretty funny.

2)Scout also licks. She will only do this when she is falling asleep and will lick and lick and lick the couch, pillow, carpet...whatever is close to her head. I'm not sure why she does this but she started this habit about 6 months ago.

3)Like other Cairns, Scout likes to sit on the back of the couch and put her head on my DH's shoulder.

4)Scout doesn't like to sit in my lap, but if I'm sitting on a chair on the deck, or on a kitchen chair, she won't get off my lap!

About the only wierd thing Finch does is carry her frisbee around. She walks around the house with the lip of the soft frisbee hanging off of her front teeth. She lives for these frisbees (she has 3 and the pink is her favorite) and won't go anywhere without one. She takes it in the bathroom (she HAS to go into the bathroom each time I do!), takes it outside for potty breaks, sleeps with her head on top of it, and softly chews on it all day.

If anyone is looking for a soft toy that can't be destroyed, the soft frisbee, at Walmart, is the toy for you. Finch has chewed on this frisbee since early spring and it's still intact! She chews on it often and will grab the middle of the frisbee and shake and shake and shake it....so funny to watch. Anywho....it's held up for us and only cost about 6 dollars!

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Abe has so many quirks that I had to pick one! lol

He has a habit of running the fence when cars go up or down our road (we live on a short dead end road) BUT the funny part is he runs in circles as he runs down the fence line. I can not figure out how he manages to do this without bonking himself on the head! Even people going by in the cars get a kick out of it. :thumbsup:

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Madison just has to roll around on her back after she eats...it doesn't matter whether it's a meal or a snack. She also likes high places and will perch on the back part of the sofa or the arm.

Winnie is a licker....she'll pick one stuffed toy and just gently lick it for hours. Elliott....what can I say? He chews Madison's food bowl when it's empty. He doesn't chew his or Winnie's, just hers. He loves to dig blankets, pillows, anything soft and stuffed. His paws go a mile a minute and it's so darn cute.

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