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Maggies first stripping...


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Well as new Cairn owners we thought it was time to dive in and get rid of the beautiful puppy fluff! This was our first time ever doing this (or even seeing it done!), it took us 2 hours last night...with a few breaks for her and us!! ...she still has a lot of finishing required, we decided to leave it for a day and go back and finish what we started! ...we have a complete different dog now!! We used a Dr.Scholls contoured file to help us with the body, thinning shears on the belly, and scissors around the paws.... she can finally hear us now!!hahaha!! Considering it was her first time on a table, she whined for the first few seconds in the noose then didn't say a peep for the rest of the time...except her face, that was a bit tougher!!

AND we found out that there are Earth Dog trials near home on Sunday!!...so maggie will get her first competition!!!


Maggies last long haired ride in the convertible!!






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wow, she magically changed colors :)

very cute pics. I have a convertible too, but I don't think I could trust the girls in it. I'm afraid they would see something and jump out...LOL

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I am very impressed. You did a great job her face looks beautiful.


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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She looks beautiful, :thumbsup:

My Tippy has alot of baby fluff, I just don't have the heart to cut it off yet I know if I cut Tippys hair she will be a different color and I want her to stay dark.:crybaby:

Tuff's was thinner and seemed to just come out on it's own when his big boy fur started to come in, but looking at what a great job you did on your Cairn gives me insentive :D

Tuff & Tippy

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Wow...she looks beautiful in both pictures. I need to strip my puppy for the first time too....I'm just not pulling as much hair as I thought I would (certainly not enough that he changed colors like Maggie). Any tips?

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Thanks everyone... we are learning and she's been nothing but great since we've taken her home!!

Teri, we only let her sit out (of her crate) like that on short lower speed rides...and we either hold her or i have hooked her leash on e-brake so thats as far as she can reach...no jumping out of the car!!

Angus'mom... we mostly used the dr.scholls foot scrub thing, it give you great grip on the hair and you can use it the wider way to pull along the back and and just the tip for more detailed areas... it was hard to see her whiskers in all that facial hair!! ...we have since cleaned her up a bit....finished her legs and tail better and found a few loose hairs... she looks even better!! ....be careful not to tug at the undercoat -it comes out pretty easy too! ... on her larger areas we would hold the skin, and only grip the longer hairs and they came out easy...a sign that they were dead and ready to go!

...it was strange seeing her at first...but we are used to it and think it looks great!!...the breeders have her sister and her coat (which was maintained better than mags) is already nice and harsh... maggies will come in harder now that we've cleaned out the puppy hair!


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