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What is the best age to go from puppy food to grown-up food?



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With Cooper, I did it at a year.....with Yoda, I went from puppy food to Canidea for both dogs when Yoda was about seven months old. The bag says it is good for all ages, and since Yoda would eat his shadow if he could, he didn't care!


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Scout was switched at one year. She ate Eucanuba then. Finch was on puppy food (from the breeder) but we switched her to Canidae quickly..not because we had to but because it was easier to deal with one food type. Canidae is fed to both puppy and adults.....same formula.

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Guest rottndobie

The consensus is some where between 10 mos and about 1 year of age. It all depends on how they are doing and looking. Some dogs are ready for adult food sooner then others - and some need puppy food after they are a year old. You have to go by how the body looks and how much puppy food they are eating and how active they are.

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Totally depends on the dog! I had mine off puppy before they were six months old because they were little Goodyear Blimps. ("Easy keepers", they are known as.) By four-and-a-half I had switch Maggie to a premium senior formula-- and she still weighed about half a pound more than I wanted-- and that was on 1/2 a cup a day!

The switch to raw food really regulated their weight-- unless Geordie decided to go on one of his pantry or kitchen counter raids. Three bagels in one sitting doesn't work well for weight control. . .



Maggie, Tarry (Geordie's son), and Geordie

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Oh Jill....what a gorgeous bunch :wub:

I have to feed one of my Cairns the senior formulas because she's prone to pancreatitis and needs a lower fat food but she's definately not overweight nor is she old (not yet 2)

I wish they made a kibble that was high in protein and all the other nutrients that younger dogs need but without a high fat content.

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