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Remote control cars


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We discovered another way to play with Alfie - our son's old remote control car! It's the one as small as a matchbox that was once a craze (I forgot the name). His tail was wagging like crazy watching the tiny car go around in circles in front of his nose. He mouthed it but didn't chew it, then let it go...then when he saw it was upside down (the wheels were still spinning), he tried to step on it to go upright. It was fun watching him for several minutes until the car needed recharging. He didn't even touch it while it was recharging, but played again after it was fully charged. I know we have a bigger remote control truck somewhere, I have to unearth it....

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Oh, that sounds like a great time!!!!!!!!!! I wish we had one around here! I'm afraid Finch would just bark at it, but I'm sure Scout would love it.

I tried those flashlights the other day and they were a big hit too! It's the small pen lights that put out a small red light...laser light, maybe??

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My son had a gasoline powered radio controlled car than ran about 50 mph, what a site that was to see Mila trying to catch that thing. A couple of laps and she was "dog" tired. What a way to give them exercise.

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Just make sure it isn't something you want to save. Rebel caught one by the atenna and attacked it. Needless to say it doesn't run so well. It was a big one....I think he might munch down on a matchbox size one :devil:


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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