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He finally got what he's always wanted


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Elliott has this fixation with our garden hose that I believe is borderline obsessive.

I cannot water the garden, fill the watering can or even wash off my hands without him becoming totally out of control. Sometimes I'll catch him just sitting near the hose reel wating for it to come alive!! The other day he got tangled up in one of my hanging planters because it was on the ground as I tried to water it. It was almost funny although the poor plant inside took a beating.

Today he crossed the line and took a nice chunk out of our long, black, tempting, evil hose while I was filling their "doggie pool". Of course I didn't see hole or the smaller puncture marks until I pulled it out of the pool and water spewed out like a fountain all over me. :shock:

I may not tell hubby about the malfunction and wait until he goes to turn it on to water his newly planted tree.....teetee :lol:

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What a good cairn protection you from that evil looking hose :devil:


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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Isn't it funny that they treat some inanimate objects like they're alive? I like how you described how he just sits by the hose reel. :P

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