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Different house, then camping...

Guest mrskti

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Guest mrskti

Well, we're almost done with our first big trip with the girls, and I must say they've done really well, better than I thought they would. First we left ILL to head to our house in FL, they did pretty good in the car, Dori had to let us know about every hour and a half that she was back there. They sorta flipped out on the rest areas, too many people, too many smells!!!

Finally in florida and I think they confused the living room carpet with grass!!! I think it was hit like 6 times the first day. The new "tile" is picked out and will be installed on our next trip down in Sept! But, once they got into a routine, they did great. They still slept great, which is the most important thing to me!!! Then we throw in a wrench and my kids came down, they took over the house, we moved into the motor home....wow....this is different they think! Rugs are everywhere!!!! We might be stupid once, but that's it! Ellie did have one accident on a rug, which I was just putting down my laptop to take her out and wasn't quick enough, so my fault. Then she had one happy pee when she saw my gradaughter! On the tile....no harm done!!! And that was it for over a week.

So much going on at Ft Wilderness, they couldnt' take it all in. LOTS of smells there in the pet loop! took a while to get around the loops on their walks. A really funny thing happened with Dori, the needles from the evergreens that drop are about 8-9" long. They kept grabbing onto her fur and she'd go nuts, looked like she was getting a shock as she was walking along, she couldnt stand those, so i picked them off. But it was a hoot to watch her. The kids went nuts over them, always wanting to pet them.

I'm so looking forward to heading back to ILL tomorrow....I am homesick and i bet they miss their play yard. I'm sick of walks!!!! A few more walks and i'm outta here!!! Three weeks is a long time for me.

sorry i babbled on so long.... :blush:

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Guest Darcy's Mom

Sounds like everyone had a really great time, even your babies. At least you know now you can travel with them and they'll do just fine.

I got tickled about the evergreen needles...Darcy does that little shock dance when she's out at night on the deck and chasing moths and bugs and one invaribly gets in her mustache (sp?) She goes crazy until I pick it out.

Glad your trip was a success but I'll bet you will be glad to get home. As Dorothy in Wizard of Oz said "There's no place like home."

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Glad you have been having such a great trip.

I laughed about the evergreen needles. If Ghillie gets a stick or leaf attached to any part of his undercarriage he just plops down and sits unitl we take it off. We call it "leaf butt". I'm sure people wonder why we are groping under our dog.

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Guest mrskti

Well we're in TN tonight, the girls are really adjusting to travel. They dont even flinch when getting out in a new spot.

One new trick for Ellie, while chasing her tail...she ends up doing a summersault...it's really halarious.

We stopped at one rest area, since we have the motor home, we have to use the trucker area....when we got out they were so scared, ellie peed right there and dori practically climbed up my body...i ended up carrying them both to the dog area. getting them to pee was no problem there!!!

They are so darn fun to watch play.

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