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Savannah the Super Hero!


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The other night, I opened the door to let Savannah outside and a HUGE flying coachroach came flying at my head!!!!! Needless to say, I started screaming like a baby and waving my arms around like a mad woman! By that time the bug was gone but I HATE roaches so the thought of the thing flying at my head REALLY creeped me out! Savannah started barking and snarling like she was trying to protect me from whatever was after me (I am not even sure that she saw the bug). Even after I stopped, she was still going stong. I said "It's ok sweetie. Mommas alright" and she stopped barking and ran out into the yard to do her business like nothing ever happened! It was like she knew that I was scared of something and she needed me to tell her that I was ok for her to go along her with her business! Any one else had a similar experiance where their Cairn was trying to "protect" them from something?

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

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How cute! Savannah was protecting you! I wonder if Alfie will do the same? I didn't scream when I saw a hornet coming near me but I was waving my hands frantically and ran in circles...Alfie didn't notice why I'd gone nuts, he was busy looking for bugs buried in the grass...

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Boy I'd sure start screaming as well!

I don't have any stories of how Scully "protected" me. Best one that I can think of is how the day my mom had heart catherization and was sitting on the sofa when she came home. She was leaning over looking as if she was reading something on the coffee table but I couldn't tell if she was asleep or God forbid something worse. She didn't appear to have her eyes open.

Scully gently (and you know that word doesn't happen too often with Cairns) got down off my lap, quietly jumped up on the sofa next to Grandmom, and laid her paw on my mom's arm. My mom must have fallen asleep and she woke up and looked at Scully and then the little lifesaver got down and went her merry way. :halo:

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Awww, those are both great Cairn stories!

Once my mom had just finished ironing a shirt and hung it up on one of the kitchen cabinets to button it. Liddy who had been sleeping on the arm of the couch could see my mom from where she was sitting. As soon as my mom hung the shirt Liddy woke up and started barking wildly (not her usual wild bark, it was more of a panic bark). Liddy, still barking her head off, ran into the kitchen right up to my mom. The barking made everyone in the house jump, it was very urgent. The only thing we could figure out was that Liddy must have thought my mom was being attacked by the shirt (or she thought the shirt was a person). Poor dog was scared and was still trying to protect my mom.

I read somewhere that Cairns will stand between their owner and a charging bull without flinching. I know a freshly ironed shirt isn't nearly as ferocious as a bull, but I think Liddy still showed courage. :)

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