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We HAD SOME experience flying yesterday. Wes bARKS when we get on nd off the plane, etc. Well, when we were waiting to bOard, airline personnel came to ask when we will drug him. I brought only rescue remedy wityh me just in caSE TO CAlm us both down.

Well, the woman said if she heARS bRKING ON THE PLAne she will throw us all off,

Well, he BARKED AT FIRST. tHEN we found out the people inh front of us were little noisy kids. One kept ducking down to peek in the baG WHICH mDE Wes bark. Finally he stopped, Bit I cried for an hour.

Wes is my LITTLE fur baby. Any ADVICE for the trip back?

Sorry for the caps. I am using NOTHER computer ND i CAn hardly see the keys or the screen

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no advice just curious what airlines? How long was the trip


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I am sorry to hear you had such a stressful trip! No experience here but how about covering the opening with something so it's dark inside? Or maybe that would just make Wes bark more. ??? On the other hand, he might be less stressed on the trip back b/c he knows what to expect. Good luck!

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Don't let them get you down Sally. I think airlines can be really unfair (and pointlessly) about dogs. I don't see them booting off people with squalling babies, hacking coughs, loud perfume, or a host of other annoyances or potential allergens.

You might try feeding Wes tiny tiny (and by tiny, I mean nearly molecular in size) bits of cheese from sticks of string cheese, at whatever intervals you can manage that he'll be quiet. At least that worked to quiet my poor overheated boy on one flight from hell.

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I'm just curious as to how they would THROW you all off the plane :confused: (parachute, shuttle plane, umbrella???)

Sorry, just wanted to put a little humor in a stressful post.

I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams traveling by air with Elliott unless he was sedated. Maybe your trip back won't have children around to excite him....Cairns just love kids you know. What kind of carrier are you using? I'd get him some special chew toys, something to keep him occupied.

Good Luck

P.S....If they decide to toss you all out over CT, drop in and visit Winnie, Elliott & Madison :)

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Thanks guys, America west 5 hours. Our first trip, we put wes on the seat with us in a black sherpa bag and the stewardess yelled, "some people don't like dogs you know. Some people are aLLERGIC. pUT THt THING under the seat,

Yesterday a man waS holding up the line because he boarded w/o a ticket , we were trapped in the aisle. Finally they found this guy a seat. He turned to look at us and said, "Next they'll be bringing on pigs and chickens. I should haVE TOLD him they already had a PIG. (Guess who I meant!)

The cheese idea sounds okay. His first flight a few years ago he was getting over diarrhea sO i WAS AFRAID TO FEED HIM ANYTHING. But Teeny pieces may be okay.

I had wanted to sedATE him the first trip but I read bad things ABOUT THE drugs,

A FEW MADE HIm worse. Maybe if there is something that will work for the first 1/2 hour?

They threatened they would throw him off the plane if he mnade noise bebore we took off. He was okay. but started to bark during takeoff which made me worry.

He doesn't mind the sherpa bag much. And during the flight I have my husbaND put his stinky feet on the bag to make the dog hAPPier



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Ooh, rough trip. We flew American Airlines with two puppies and they were very nice to us. Our male did bark while waiting to board but quit when he was put under the seat (dark? engine noise?) and dh slightly unzipped the sherpa so he could stick a hand inside.

good luck!

D Scott

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