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Dogs Escaped


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How hysterical... Left the door open for a split second and both took off out the back of our unfenced yard. I hollered at them and they, of course, just stopped, turned around and looked at me, and didn't move a muscle.


Of course they just stood there.

With sudden clarity I hollered, "TREATS! TREATS!" and held my breath.

Sure enough, they both came running full speed ahead, across the yard, up the porch, into the kitchen, and straight to the treat cupboard.

Dumb dogs. B)

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In all seriousness, I have been traumatized the couple of times that Scully got loose. Once was on a major highway and she went into the road. She doesn't come at all and just keeps running. It's so frightening to me.

I'm glad that your dogs are safe and came back.

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I know, Scully's Mom. It's frightening. Fortunately, our back yard transitions right into a huge grassy lot owned by a church so they were in no immediate danger. Now, if they were to escape out of the front it would not have been as comical. While our front road is not too busy, there are cars that drive by. And Charlie can be VERY stubborn. :mad:

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I'm glad Charlie and Chelsea come to that magic word "treat", so does Abbey. I will never trust my Kiara again after her escape up a mountain in N.C. She's been coming really good in our backyard but I have to squat down and point to the ground saying "come" to get her to obey. With Hannah, all I have to do is say "come here" in a high pitch and she gets excited to see what I have or what I'm doing. I always make sure to toss her a Bil-Jac treat and grab a toy for a game of tug-of-war w/ her and Abbey.

JoAnne, I will never forget your trauma almost losing Scully on the highway. I remember my heart beating faster as I read that post. I still find it amazing that scully's leash got caught in the cement crack before she crossed into the oncoming lanes.

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Beth, mom to Ninja (5), Hannah (7), Abbey (7 1/2), Kiara (10)

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How nice that they respond to treats. Alfie would just look at me, even if I had a treat in my hand.....I have to be creative with different sounds that would catch his attention.

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I'm glad Charlie and Chelsea came to the word "treat" too...it works for my two too.

Joanne, I remember your scare with Scully too.....very frightening!

Finch got out the front door around Christmas time and ran after a grey cat. A car was coming down the road and I almost peed in my pants! Of course, my basement was flooding...we had 20 people over for dinner...and the plumber let the dog out of the door! Talk about heart attack time!

Our neighbor just informed us that the fence, by her driveway, is full of poison ivy! She is in the process of trying to kill it, so I have been working very hard at keeping my dogs away from this area. When we walk out to the backyard, I have a treat in my hand, which I let them smell. I walk straight to the lead, clip them on, and then give each of them a treat. It's been working so far....I hope this poison ivy dies soon!

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Cairns need to learn the "drop" command...they have to lay down on this one. It has saved my dogs life. Cairns are smart enough to learn it very quickly. I use treats to get Pepper to come out from under neath beds and furniture. He hears the fridge open and voila! there is he is!

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