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One happy Cairn . . .


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Well - we opened the family farm in the Catskills this weekend! It is a 400 acre farm in the middle of nowhere. Calli is allowed to run free here (except for at night) and let me tell you we had one VERY happy Carin! She wore herself out! She explored her favorite haunts and was taken for a few hikes by the kids, wallowed in the mud near the pond . . . thank goodness - poor baby was getting stir CRAZY!

Don't worry - there are huge fields surrounding the house (used to be a working Angus cattle farm when my husband's grandfather was alive) and it is too far away for her to go into the woods without the family (she will NOT leave the family!) We can go for hikes in the woods and she will not leave our side. She spends too much time running between the person in the lead and the person in the back and will explore some in the summer when we are playing in the stream but she prefers to stay with us. (At home that is a different matter but at the farm she wants the famliy more than anything)!

The nights were so much fun to see the totaly exhausted doggie totally unable to open her eyes - even with six kids pestering her!!!

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Oh, I can so relate to you and your Calli. We went to our farm, not quite as large as yours but there are 110 acres for her to roam and run, without her tie-up that she has at home. She is truly in doggy heaven. Like your Calli, Mila doesn't get too far from her humans and no need to worry about her running away and getting to the road or anything. When we got home last night I was worried about her, especially after her hard time with her surgery 2 weeks ago, as she just flopped down and didn't move for the longest time. She was truly "dog tired". We too have a pond that she just can't seem to keep her little feet out of. Soon I just know she will be swimming, but I won't let her go too far until the water warms up. It is sooooo nice to let them run and be free. My only problem is that everyone has ATV's that she doesn't seem to be afraid of. She will run with us while we are on it, but wants to get in front of the tires, and that REALLY SCARES US. Hopefully she will learn to stay behind us or beside us and not in front of us. We try to get her to ride with us but she just wants to run and run and run.

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It truly sounds like doggie heaven. I wish we had farmlands to go to! The closest I have is my father-in-law's acreage (not as big as your farm) behind his country home in Lakeville, CT but the property is hilly with lots of hidden areas, I'm afraid I won't find where Alfie will be if I let him lose! A flat farmland would be perfect!

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