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Upside down cairns

Toto times 2

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I know the belly rub issue has been addressed before but I just can't resist. Ghillie is the belly rub king. He throws himself down just at the very end of our reach and we have to stretch our legs to reach him. Then the little bum rolls away. His attitude is if you love me you'll try harder. If we stop he rolls back and moans until we start up again.

We have very different leg lengths. I'm 5"5" while my dh is 6"5". Ghillie knows to the fraction of an inch just how far we can reach.

After awhile he assumes his favourite pose on his back in what we call the winkie to the world pose. He will do this anywhere. In the house, on the deck, out in the middle of the yard. It is so funny when he barks in this pose. He doesn't get up and all his legs bounced around as he barks. Cairns are the best.


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Hahahaha! Ghille sounds like a real comedian! :lol:

Liddy likes to have her ears scratched and will sit just out of reach so you have to really lean to pet her. She's also figured out that everyone in my family is right-handed so when we're eating and she needs a head scratch, she always comes to our left side!

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Scully is an upside down little chick as well (see below). She loves to lie next to dad on the sofa and "hang out" but she will run up to you when she's excited to see you and PLOP right on her back. VERY ladylike indeed.


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