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I remember Chutney


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I just would like to let others know of one great puppy.

Chutney came to me quite by accident and after losing our old American Eskie our Cairn, Camelot was quite sad. Chutney came to us and to Camelot.

Our lives were full - the children stopped watching television at night, opt'ing to watch the Camelot and Chutney show. They would romp and play - chasing one then the other tails wagging, yipping and having the times of their lives. Then they would crash in a heap until they went to bed in our bed. Chutney preferred my pillow while Camelot prefers our foot of the bed.

Chutney soon became my shadow, while Camelot is my husband's constant shadow. Everywhere I was, he was. He was quite the baby in the fact that he would paw at me for me to pick him up. Even when I was typing he would paw to come up and sit on my lap or beside me on the chair. A tight squeeze did not bother him so long as he was next to me.

To love an animal, some say is silly. I am a real children, animal person - they are the innocent spirits of this world and I feel most connected with them. Chutney's eyes told it all -- he could most literally look into your eyes and talk to you. His eyes told you how much he love you, how much fun he was having and when he was tired his eyes said I'm ready for sleepy time. They flashed and sparkled.

Then a drunk driver came along while with his 'Dad' out in the front yard. The driver did not negotiate the corner - he buzzed by my six year old and Camelot - but Chutney did not make it. The driver screamed and ranted and raved about our 'telling him he was in the wrong'. He took off and the police 1 1/2 hours later gave him a visit and where their finding were he was drunk but could not prove he had been in that condition at the time of the accident. Gray areas and all that came in and around us -- but nothing could bring back Chutney.

Now three days later I still feel him around - I wake up at night ready to pet his little head on my pillow but it is cold and empty -- no footsteps beside me, no companion at my side. Camelot cries and whimpers - he spent hours by Chutney and cried and cried when I moved him for burial. Now he sits not five feet from the grave and stares at the little angel that rests a top his grave. Some how he thinks maybe he is watching over him - hard to tell what he is thining but we see his little eyes are watery and we know he is shedding tears for that little wonder boy - Chutney.

He is sorely missed -- and there is a vacuum in our hearts.


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