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Allie got a bunny!


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Just a half hour ago, as I was putting Allie out for her last "piddle" before coming to work, she took off after a rabbit in the back yard. I yelled because I didn't want her tearing through the groundcover, which is just coming up. (I think th rabbit was snacking on it...). Anyway, she CAUGHT the bunny. I was shrieking at her, she was hanging on for dear life, the rabbit was kicking away for its life. She backed into a corner by the fence and scowled and growled at me, and I just kept screaming my lungs out at her. Finally the rabbit gave a good kick, and she dropped it and it ran off. It was bleeding though, and I don't think it will make it. I'm worried it might have little ones hidden away by now.

I don't think I'll be letting her out in the back yard now for a long time. She has a great memory, and I think she'll be searching everywhere for rabbits.

I about had a heart attack and -- let me tell you -- my deodorant has already given out today. This was just too much excitement for me. These darn dogs! :mad:

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What a morning you had! Cairn's are bred to hunt and it's just their nature to chase after small animals. You may want to take her out on a leash until the baby bunnies are a bit larger.

This past weekend I went to put my garden clogs on. I keep them by the backdoor (outside). To my surprise, I found a very nice carcass! I thought my DH had played a joke on me (he didn't) and left it there for me to find. My DH thought it looked about the size of a rat or bunny. Since I haven't seen any rats here and TONS of bunnies, I think it was a bunny.

Since the dogs are not left outside by themselves, I think a local cat must have brought it...who knows...but it was sort of creepy!

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Last year Rebel caught a baby bunny and carried it around for a while but when it didn't move he dropped it and pawed at it to make it move and when it didn't he left it to go after a bird or some other moving critter.

I am glad the bunny didn't hurt Alllie. They can kick pretty hard


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Cairns are certainly quick to go after prey. We were walking Smokey up where we go to camp sometimes and before we knew it he slipped his collar (Pre-harness days) and flushed out a nest of baby ducks and their mother. Thank goodness he didn't hurt any of them but I didn't even hear them and he picked up the sound or scent instantly.

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Boy, does this sound like something I'm dreading. I had my children outside a few nights ago. I had my eye on all 3 of them when I heard something in the very back of the yard. All I saw was a little white tail squeezing thru the fence and into the neighbors yard. Was I ever glad Gidget didn't see it.

I was actually talking to a co-worker today about the possibility of getting Gidget into competitions. Does anyone know where I can look to find Cairn competitions in my East Tennessee area? The way she loves to fly under the covers and start digging at the sheets I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be afraid to go after a coupld of rats............not going to buy any to see. :lol:

Let me know if any of you know of where I can check on competitions in my area.

I know it would be fun for me and her both.

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You can search for earthdog, obedience, agility, conformation events at the AKC site. Our spring earthdog test out here in Oregon is May 14 & 15. Read the rules to learn about earthdog tests.

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We have a bunch of rabbits and even a groundhog in our backyard. They usually only come out at night and thankfully that's when we keep Liddy on a short leash to do her business and come back in. She's never chased a rabbit, but she does "stalk" them. When she spots them, she crouches and starts to move really really slowly toward them...almost like a cat. Liddy looks pretty ridiculous trying to be stealth especially cause she is usually barking and carrying on.

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