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I saw Finch's picture in Obsession


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Well my husband and I are having a discussion on which picture to put in my dog or his.

Rebel my dog, the picture I took, his obession is frisbee


Or the one that he took of his dog, his obession is cookies, and yes these are real treats and he is doing "leave it" he had to take the picture quick haha


The contest says one entry per person do you think I could enter both, might keep the peace in my family

that is the www.nothinbuttdogs.com contest for picture of obessions


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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Re-bel! Re-bel! Re-bel! Of course we will be biased here!

I say put both dogs in the contest, just register under 2 names, yours and your DH's!

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Both those pics are adorable and of course I would vote for the Cairn but you can't take away the preciousness of that little pug and his willpower.

Oh my....decisions, decisions

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This one or that one, this one or that one??? BOTH!

I like Carolina's mom's idea of using your name and your hubby's. Those are just WAY too cute.

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Hey they didn't say one per address, just one per person. The obvious solution is to enter them both! BTY they are both too cute with their obsessions. - Darsey

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There isn't a photo that could beat that picture of the cairn with frisbees. Note the paws firmly planted on that one! And the look of anticipation on the face! Great shot!

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Oh my gosh, they are both such great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I vote to put in both pictures...can your DH post one from work??

You all have to go and take a look at the pictures....there are two that show their dogs with tennis balls...sooooo cute!!! Makes me wish I had taken more time to get a better picture of Finch.

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