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That was weird

Tracy A.

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So I’ve noticed similar traits between Amos and my departed Mettwurst. Some weird things too that have me scratching my head. Things that were only between me and Metty. Like him rearing up like a little bear for me to scratch his belly. Amos did that last week, out of nowhere. Also a few weird house/ yard specific things that Amos seemed to figure out that Mett did. So Saturday I’m sitting in the backyard with the dogs, they’re running around. Amos sits down  5 feet from me, facing away from me. I say in a low voice talking to myself “I miss you so much………Mettwurst” Amos is ignoring me until I say “Mettwurst” and he turns his head, makes eye contact with me and stares me in the eye intently. I got chills and I teared up. . It was a moment, Amos recognized the name that would have no meaning to him. We held eye contact for at least 5 seconds.  We talk about Mett from time to time, never the full name. It was weird, so very weird. 


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Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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Not weird at all, Tracy,  Amos is just the new body that the soul you once knew as "Mettwurst" is now inhabiting.  I have had several dogs "come back", two have come back twice.   Be grateful and happy, it's a testament to your good care of him in his last life, that he wanted to come back to you again, instead of on to a new adventure with a new partner.  He knew how much you loved him, and he loved you just as much.

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One of the many things about Angus was and still is, is the several second eye contact. Not so much the kind we get when working or playing but just casually when relaxed. Not the threatening kind you hear too much about but one spirit (dare I say that?) reaching to the other. I've had it with other dogs but never as intense as with Angus. 

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maybe this goes with the fact that their lives are chronologically only part of ours. what if each of their lives as we see it is only part of a whole?

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On 7/13/2022 at 8:30 AM, Hillscreek said:

One of the many things about Angus was and still is, is the several second eye contact...one spirit (dare I say that?) reaching to the other...

Could it simply be love? I think it is!❤️

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