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Burrs out of fur/brushes


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We have been walking alot lately through the woods and coming home with tons of burrs. I have tried cutting some out, but some are so close to the skin on the feet and ankles I can't get at them. Is there a special way of removing these things?

Next question, is a brush just a brush. Grooming tools can be bought at Walmart, pet stores and the prices are really different. Does it REALLY make a difference or can I be cheap? The comb, steel pin brush, the slicker etc.....

Roxie's skin seems to be very sensitive to the slicker and I know that is a needed brush. What else can I use on her?

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Ugh, burrs. I've always just s-l-o-w-l-y worked them out by hand, trying to pull as little hair as possible. What a pain.

We use just about any old pin brush, followed by a good combing with a metal 'greyhound' style comb. It seems to be fine for daily/weekly use and between the two gets out a goodly bit of undercoat, works out any tangles/mats, etc.

I confess I do love my Mason Pearson "pocket" boar brush with nylon 'pins' but the price would choke anyone and I'm sure it's not strictly necessary.

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We always have to get burrs out of Wes' coat. Lst summer we went hiking when suddeny we noticed what seemed hundreds of burrs all over him.

The trooper told us they come out more easily if you squeeze them.

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I really have no easy answers for burrs either, and we pick them up walking along the river. They take hours to get out, simply because Allie won't put up with the fussing and brushing.

Once a friend told me that a really good way to get them out was to work peanut butter into the fur and the burr, and then comb the burr out. (Really!) And I tried this. So if you ever hear this, take it from me and don't bother. You won't get the chance to get the burr out, and your dog will "fuss" at the peanut butter longer than it was actually there. She got the peanut butter out (she was so happy to work on it!), but the burr stayed in. :huh:

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