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Sandy reyes

Sandy Reyes

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I am new to the formum I had written about my cairnTerrier Jinger. She is a rescue and was used previously for breeding puppies. She has taken to me only. She likes other dogs but does not care for people. She does not like my husband or anyone in the yard. She will bark and run back-and-forth and growl. She’s not biting but I would be afraid if someone picked her up that she might. I’m not sure how to get a reply but I would really appreciate any advice. I’ve had her two years. I’m at Sandy reyes@aol.com

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I never had to deal with the problem you describe, so I can't offer much help, but I'm sure others here can. Over the years, as my cairns matured I discovered that they outgrew some problematic behaviors...but not in every case. Without a crystal ball, we can't predict which habits will or won't resolve themselves. 

Because you have a number of behaviors to deal with, I would suggest getting a referral (perhaps from your vet, etc.), for a Terrier-experienced trainer. Understandably, biting is a serious issue and should be addressed ASAP. In a pinch, a temporary, soft muzzle might ward off trouble. Terriers are intelligent, but can be slow to mature, so hang in there. They usually want to be the boss - and train you - so it can be challenging to try to civilize them, but you will be rewarded many times over.

P.S. Jinger is a really cool name!

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Hi Sandy you dont say how long Jinger has been with you, but cairns but I would not assume that any problems you havw enow are permanent or even long term. in my experience cairns and some other dogs growl for reasons other than aggression--wanting attention, play, etc. depends on what else is going on. lungeing, snapping, nasty ear signals, etc. There are  any ways to approach the resoltuion. hope you keep in touch with us and let us know developments.

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