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Introducing Amos & Walter

Tracy A.

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I would like to introduce Walter (red) and Amos (black brindle) to the forum. They are 10 weeks old.

Its been 2 years since we lost our first set of Cairns, Brattwurst lived to 14 &1/2, and Mettwurst was 6 weeks shy of 15 when we lost him at the end March 2020.  (I cannot believe I joined this forum almost 17 years ago) We picked up Amos & Walt this weekend, and everyone is acclimating.  Nala our Staffordshire Terrier has been lonely since Mett left us. She likes small dogs and lays down to play. The boys really took a shine to her when we recused her.   The new boys are taking a shine to her as you can see in the photo. I'm prepared with bitter apple if they try to nurse on her, she'd let them if they tried I'm sure.

As for names you ask, they are their litter names and we're going to keep them. They respond to them and honestly I wanted very different names than we had for our first set of boys, who were so incredibly special. 

I'm thankful that this time we should have no problems telling them apart with the color differences. I did as we like to say 'bell the cat' today.  I put collars on them with a bell so they make noise, otherwise they are in constant stealth mode. They're tolerating the collars well, only sometimes dragging each other around with them. 

So far these two have done just about everything Mett & Bratt did in their first few days. Fit through the baby gate sides, me duct taping said openings. 

I am happy that they were used to pee pads, its made clean-up a bit easier, where are only 50% missing it.  We are taking them in the back yard  often, but I swear in the morning you have about 10 seconds before someone is pooping or peeing- they're holding it overnight.

I did buy an extra ex-pen last month, along with massive washable pee pad to put under it.  For now they are using a pop-up nylon and mesh puppy pen that I got for our first week...(maybe two if I'm lucky) so they can be in the living room with us, but have containment from everyone and thing in the room.  after they outgrow it I'll switch to an ex-pen.  

That's all for now, it nice to visit the forum again.





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Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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Wonderful for you to be back with two fine youngsters. You are well prepared having been down the puppy route before! It will be a fun ride. 

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12 hours ago, bradl said:

Nice to see you again Tracy and with such fun news. Those faces, oh my.

Hi Brad, its nice to see you too.  I'm so out of touch, who all is in your current crew?

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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oh my goodness i'm so happy for you, and for Nala who looks so happy to have two little ones to look after. double the fun. 


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Tracy, you sure have your hands full......full of puppy happiness!! They are adorable!! You are brave to take on two puppies at the same time!

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So glad to see you back with the new pack. You have your work cut out for you over the next few months. These two are adorable, and look like they will be entertaining. It is always good to have a canine "governess" to teach them manners...

Post often, and be sure to include photos...

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You will have your hands full with two! Such cuties. My little one just had her first birthday and thinks she’s all grown up, so it’s a treat to see new puppies joining lucky families. 

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