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Not sure what to do about Sassy


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I know no one can answer this question for me. I am torn about what to do about Sassy.

She is blind and deaf. She is either pacing around and getting caught in the furniture or she is sleeping. She eats her kibble but only if I add something like canned food, raw hamburger, a little cooked beef. But rarely does the same thing work three times in a row. Treats are the same, sometimes she will eat it and other times she turns her nose up at it. Go try something else.

Even though she can't stand up on her own without her daily pain pill, which by the way works great, she does get around pretty good.

In the last few days she can't seem to find her way outside to urinate, so she goes in the house. Thank God I have tile floors. Pooping she still finds her way outside. The door is open 24/7.

I am concerned about quality of life. She is still strong and that is why I am torn. I can live with the urination, although it does upset me. I don't know if I am thinking it is time for the trip to the bridge to make life easier for me or that maybe Sassy is not enjoying her life. Do I wait until the pain pills no longer work? Do I take her before that day happens? That day could be a year from now. I love her dearly and I just don't want to make a rash decision anymore than I want to make a decision that waits until the pain arrives.

I need some insight. Whatever decision I make from that insight will be solely my own.


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Sassy Jan 22, 2005



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Dogs come into our lives as gifts, with amazing energies to bring joy and love.  My guide is when it is no longer fun for them, I let them go.  It is far better to let them go too soon, than a moment too late.

It is a very difficult place for you, I wrap it in kindness.

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There seems to be some zone just beyond the stubborn will to live — which we honor and support, even when it's just a glimmer and beset with indignities — and sort of wandering in a place that is no longer with us in any discernible way.  When our hearts are broken and we can no longer find our dog, and our dog cannot find us (figuratively) ... we say goodbye. When their life is persistence without purpose or hope of improvement, we are of the "rather too soon than too late" school, although that's much clearer when they are in obvious pain from terminal illnesses — when they are simply fading it is very much harder to see clearly where that point is and make peace with it. Thinking of you and Sassy fondly and with respect for the lives you shared.

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