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Close encounters of the Mousey kind


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Fergus got to play with his first real (dead) mouse today.

One of the cats left the mouse in front of the refrigerator this morning. They have gotten much better about killing the mice before leaving them in the house. But they still occasionally bring us a live catch to show us how clever they are. Unfortunately they frequently lose it in the house as they play with (torment) the poor mouse. :shock:

My wife let Fergus play with it a bit before disposing of it.


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My cats leave their mice on the mat in front fo the door and as Jazz goes outdoors she usually will grab the mouse and off with it she goes. She tries to get in the house with them but we usually catch her. Note i say usually. She dropped one on my bed last night so proud. :confused:

Oh well it is life with a cairn.


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Mice.....yikes! I think I would scream if I found one in my bed!!!

We have mice in our wood pile and I found Finch chewing a skull last summer...yuck!

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That picture is a cross between being adorable and being "Ugh"... :lol:

Mice don't bother me in the least and I'd feel bad if my Cairns killed one seing I have gerbils as pets...it's snakes that I'm afraid my guys will bring around.

I'd die, simply die!!

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Fergus sure is a cutie w/ the mouse, but I'd be afraid of him getting internal parasites from mouthing the dead mouse. :sick: Kiara is my one I have to be on the look out for when outside. She will go after anything and has caught and killed a snake before. I worry about her getting sick over toads. You would think when they squirt that bitter taste in her mouth she'd get the message. I'm glad my other two prefer playing w/ eachother and toys.

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Cute picture. I know we have a mouse right now because the cats are staking out the kitchen but the dogs don't seem interested. So much for them being ratters!

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