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2 Carin puppies


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  1. I have a 7 month old Carin that we have introduced a new 2 month old to. I was wondering what to expect. They are both males from the same breeder and they are getting along great. But play time can end up pretty aggressive for both of them. I would assume this is a natural way the 2 will determine who is the boss. Do I separate them when they get a little to wound up and it becomes aggressive towards each other.
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Yes, I would separate them and calm them down. Puppies, particularly the young one, still are figuring out the world and how far they can go with biting/aggression/etc. The normal yips and cries between them should signal whether they are playing too hard, but you can certainly establish your wishes in all of this. Sometimes that puppy play seems to get a little too rambunctious, and then I do think they benefit from a little of owner direction.

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When they were smaller their mommy disciplined them. Now they are older but still young so I think you have take her place while they figure things out. Agree with above - when things get too aggressive then separate for a little while. Always remembering that play involves a LOT of growling and fake fighting. It's puppy nature.


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