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Reintroducing myself


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It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted.  After selling my house and moving to the city, the house I was living in caught fire.  It’s been one thing after another😟

Maisie and I are settled in a new apartment.  She is doing quite well, with the exception of walking on a leash.  She still pulls me everywhere!

I know longer have a computer, I do everything on my phone.  I will try to keep up but not as easy.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello!



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Gosh!  So sorry to hear about your troubles.  Keep the faith, love a dog(Maisie) and here’s to hoping things will get better.

She’s mighty cute!

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Good to hear from you again. Thankful you have Maisie to help you through tough times. Stay well. Keep in touch when you can. Best wishes.

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So sorry to hear about your tough times and I'm hoping for better days to come for you both. Pulling ahead while walking on a leash seems to be a "cairn thing." This was true for my two, but I admit to not being a good disciplinarian. Just yesterday I witnessed  a dog walker with an assorted pack of 6 or 7, all walking in a loosely compact, cooperative group - with one exception - of course it turned out to be a (very cute) cairn, happily pulling 2 feet ahead, in front  of the pack!🙂

P.S. Thanks  for sharing the beautiful pix of Maisie.


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Hello and Welcome back. Maisie looks adorable. So sorry to hear about your circumstance. I find burying my face in dog fur when times are bad, does wonders. 

Big hugs to you and Maisie.

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Welcome back!

Sorry to hear of your challenges but good to hear you have Maisie. These incredible creatures make us think away from our troubles.

As for pulling on leash, I would look into a harness. Although Katie (4 1/2)  has been to obedience training classes, she will pull. Even better she will lie down if she doesn't want to a walk on. She is particularly talented for laying down in the middle of street crossings.  Usually this is prompted by her seeing an approaching dog or a friendly person. Tugging and dragging are frowned on! No to cajoling or treats. Finally chose a padded harness that has a handle! That way I can reach down and move her along or pick her up by the handle. We are both happy with this solution. Funny thing is, after a few months of the harness she now walks much better when she is walked only with a collar. Go figure!

Best to you!

(Top Paw Ultra Reflective Dog Harness = its padded on the underside.🐕‍🦺)

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