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Oban the great "mouse pointer"


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Twice now in the last month, while we were sitting around watching TV in our kitchen, Oban has become very interested in one of our cupboards, staring alertly at the door throughout the evening.  The first time I thought I had seen a mouse run in -- but they are so quick I wasn't sure.  We set a trap -- next morning, we had a mouse! Last night he went through his "pointing" routine again, we set another trap and -- voila -- we had another mouse this morning!

I realize Oban is supposed to hunt these down, give them a good shake and break their necks. (He has done this with rabbits.) He has a hard time opening cupboards though, and I think his new approach is working well for both of us.  Not so well for the mice.  And I don't feel sorry about that...

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Good work Oban! Now to work on your form, lift one paw as you stare.


You've got me wondering why Elroy is finding the laundry room so interesting these days. I thought it was because of the giant spider I found under the wastebasket, maybe he's hoping it will reappear. Guess I'm still hoping that's what it is and not a mouse in the wall!

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