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Introducing our new member!


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This is Atticus! His birthday was June 12, 2021 and today is his first day home!

So far he has eaten a fly.

Poo pooed in his litter box (this is the first time we have used this).

Went on a short walk where he heeled the entire 15 min except when he got scared of  a noisy truck, and when I had to pick him up to step up on the curb (he hasn't mastered the step yet).

Played out in the back yard. He is wearing not only a collar for the first time, but a leash too. He doesn't mind the leash, but keeps trying to "rub" the collar off. LOL!

Traveled in a crate for his 4 hour drive home and only whimpered for a few min at the start of the drive.


I think he's off to a good start.....but this is only day one!


Atticus follows in the footsteps of his sisters Finch, and Scout. They have both passed on now and it feels great to have a dog in the house. It's been almost 17 years (Finch passed at 15 1/2) since we have had a puppy in the house.

These pictures were taken on our front porch.

Atticus 1st day home2.jpg

Atticus 1st day home3.jpg

Atticus 1st day home5.jpg

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I think those cute little dogs are magicians and can put spells on us...every time I see one, I want another puppy!

Atticus is adorable and already has the head tilt down perfectly.  Congrats on your new family member...


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How wonderful to have a cairn pup in your home again. Looks like he's a worthy successor to past buddies. Years of action and fun ahead. Enjoy.     

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Atticus slept all night without a peep (9pm to 6:30am). He has a stuffed dog with a beating heart inside. I'm not sure if this helped, but heh....whatever works!

So far no accidents in the house. I took him for his last walk tonight. He peed at the beginning of the walk. As soon as we came inside, he ran to his litter box and pooped. I'm not encouraging him to use it, but it has come in handy!

He was hot after his afternoon walk, and it was only 85 degrees outside!

2nd day.jpg

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I’ll say it again….WOW!  What a handsome boy.  A fun adventure all around.  Welcome Atticus, it’s your world, thanks for letting us be a part.

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Atticus is utterly adorable! I like the latest in the naming theme, and Atticus is such a good name! He looks quite dapper in red, too.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Atticus is doing well. We are still working on housebreaking and he hasn't caught on, but we have not given up hope. He has been home for a month now and we are waiting for him to show signs that he has to "go".

Friday I had to take him to the emergency vet. Atticus was extremely lethargic and would not eat or drink that morning. I was so worried about him, so we sat in the parking lot for almost 4 hours. All his vitals were fine, but his tummy was very tight. They wanted to do xrays but said we could wait until he saw his vet. The vet said he was stable, and we could take him to his regular vet (he already had an apt the next day) . His regular vet said his tummy was fine (he ate dinner that night) and xrays were not needed. Atticus is on a bland diet, which he loves, for the next 3 to 5 days. We took it easy the next day and he is back to his normal crazy self...zoomies and all! Cairns sure tug at our hearts....I almost had a heart attack worrying about this little guy! We think he got into something outside since he picks up works, and such, on our walks.

Atticus know how to sit, down, and stay. He will come if I have a treat in my hand. We need to work on greeting people and not jumping up on them. He walks well on his leash, although he doesn't want to leave the park when there are kids playing!


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