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What? I'm Not Doing Anything!


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We ordered two new leather ottomans for our family room and they arrived today. As I'm looking through the forum I hear these tippy toe noises. I turn arounded and there's Scully trying out HER new ottomans walking back and forth across them. This is her "Caught In The Act" picture. (Sorry for the green "devil" eyes, I can't figure out how to fix them yet)


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Great pic! Scully looks just like she

is saying that! Grilly loves his ottoman so much that

I have moved it next to the window. It is like his

own window seat! So much for putting my feet up!

I love it!

Ellie :P


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Of course the ottomans are her's Joanne. As far as Duffy is concerned, everything in our house belongs to him! I only hope that he does not start teaching Mickey to be this way also.


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Hey Scully! Look at what I can do. It drives my Mother nuts; Dad doesn't mind at all. Isn't it fun?




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That is hilarious. It's so funny when they tune in to something new and just MUST try it out.

One of these days I'd love to find a gadget like the Squirrel-a-Way bird feeder only made for larger predators (hmmmm, Cairn size?) Of course it would be a gentle unit, made to toss ever so slightly....

And I have just the place to put it. :lol:

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I love the window seat ottoman picture AND the furry table top "centerpiece."

They sure do rule the roost don't they?

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Scully is so smart she knows you got it for her!


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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