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Keep your fingers crossed!

Guest pookiegirl

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Guest pookiegirl

Hello to All,

I'm back with some potentially TERRIFIC news. I posted a couple of weeks ago regarding a puppy we were promised by a breeder who then decided to keep or give the pups to other people. Of course, we were very disappointed, as the wording of her communications never suggested anything but that the pup was ours.

Moving forward, I did some networking, and got in contact with a wonderful breeder only 60 miles from our home. I have made a deposit on a beautiful male who is now 7 weeks old. The breeder keeps the pups unitl they are 9 weeks old. So, hopefully, we will be bringing home our little guy the second week in March.

I just wanted to thank all who responded to my first post with words of wisdom and encouragement. It kept me motivated to keep searching, and find our new little ove.

Please keep your fingers crossed that all works out this time!

I have "attempted" to post a picture of the little guy. However, I don't know if I have been successful. I have a new computer, and things are different, but trying to adapt.

Here is the website I had to create to post a pic (at least I hope it will be there):


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The bad news is the website link doesn't work - but the GOOD news is that hopefully you'll be bringing home that little guy. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Do you have any names picked out?

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Congratulations on your exciting news!!!! I know this is the puppy you were meant to have...things always work out for a reason!! We can't wait to see pictures!! Congratulations again!! I'm really very happy for you!!


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Guest pookiegirl

Thanks for all the good wishes!

I am cautiously optimistic in light of my recent past experience.

I have such a good feeling with this breeder. She has sent me at least 10 pictures of the male pups, and has already offered such good advice.

I can't seem to "copy" those picutures from the emai program, Outlook Express, and "paste" them into my post. It seems the "paste" part does not work once I try to use it in my post.

Well, when the new guy comes I can take my own pictures. Hopefully, I will be able to post them without so much trouble.

I am so excited for you all to see him- he is such a cutie!! Looks like a tiny teddy bear!

I am a little anxious about how our little girl, Zoe, a 6 year old Cairn, will react to the "competition". She is a good girl, so I am sure she will adapt after the initial trnasition period.

My husband and I are going back and forth about what to name the little guy. It is like when we were expecting our "human" children. He has one idea, and I have another.

He does not seem to object to the name Cody so very much. Most likely this will be his name unless I think of something I like better and my hubby can live with also.

Sorry for the length of the post, but I am already filled with the nervous energy that accompanies new "motherhood"!


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I don't know what email program you are using but most will allow you to put the mouse pointer over the picture and right-click and choose Save Image As... or a similar command. If you can save the picture onto your desktop as a .jpg file than you can attach it to a post using the instructions in Forum Support. If the file is over 50K in size - and it may be - you will have to first open the file in some program and resize it to be smaller. If you don't have any image software, IrfanView is free and quite good.

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I use IrfanView and it is great and easy to use. I use it because many of my friends have dial up not DSL and it really helps with maiking the picture a small size and more compact.


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