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We had to put her to sleep this past weekend due to failing kidneys (she had finally stopped eating and drinking). Son held her in lap for awhile before she was put to sleep. Hope we gave her familiar faces and comfort after spending half day at the vet.

Had her since 2008 when she was probably 2-3 years old. Kids grew up with her from elementary school age. We said we wouldn't get the first dog we saw but we did. Kept her name from the previous owner and seems to fit her well.

Everyone loved her for different reasons. My kids for the hugs and licks to their face. My wife for not chewing or climbing on any furniture. I appreciate that she weaved herself into the fabric of our family and life. Going through the pictures, she was always picked up in the family Christmas photos.

The hole she left behind in our life has been present everywhere. Son working at home in shutdown no longer needed to take his breaks to walking her. I no longer have to stay up past midnight to give her one last walk. No need to put her bed in spots so she can see all the actions in the house. No longer hear her nails clicking on the hardwood floor. No longer hear her barking at me to get son to pick her up to go upstairs where everyone is (she got too old to scamble up hardwood floor stairs last couple of years) While there is sadness she is no longer with us, everyone gradually remembers all these wonderful memories.

All she ever brought us was joy. Rest in peace Scuttlebutt.


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It never gets easy...these little creatures bury their  way into ones heart and when you have to let them go leaves a big empty space. But in reality they really never go, they are there in memories, in the birth of a new Cairn, a new pup in the house. It’s all a big circle, renewing itself through the lives of other new four legged companions. She will always be with you.🐾🐾💕

Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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10 hours ago, howardc64 said:

she weaved herself into the fabric of our family and life

Don't they ever. So tightly their memory will comfort us for the rest of our own lives.

Until the enjoyable memories crowd out the grief thank you for sharing Scuttlebutt with us. Your description was so clear I doubt I'm alone in sharing a sense of loss. Warm thoughts for you and your family. 

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"all she ever brought us was joy." that was all she wanted, and she succeeded, she died surrounded by love, there is nothing better. she is such a beautiful little dog. thank you for giving her a great life. the hurt when the leave is unimaginable. 

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So sorry to hear about your loss.  It  sounds like Scuttlebutt had managed, in true cairn style and sense, to become the very center of your family. That is hard to lose.

These little dogs do weave their way into our lives. It's clear that Scuttlebutt had a wonderful life with you all, with love and attention throughout her life.  Thanks for telling us a little about her.

Dogspeed, Scuttlebutt.

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Every one of them grows so close to us. When they go the hole they leave is terrible. The pain is bad now but later the special and fun memories will be a source of joy and comfort. They remain in our hearts for ever.

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Howardc, you paint a picture of a perfect terrier companion, a family member who enhanced your lives and will live forever in everyone's memories.  No dog could have asked for a better home than the one you gave to Scuttlebutt, and at the end of her life you gave her the best gift you could, freedom from the body that was failing her so badly that she no longer enjoyed any part of her life.  It is our greatest and hardest calling as a pet guardian, to let them go when it will break our hearts to do so.  You have my deepest sympathy, I have known that same pain more times than I care to count.  And yet I know that, no matter how badly it hurts to say goodbye, we will never, ever regret having said hello.  Thank you for sharing Scuttlebutt with us, now we can all share just a little bit of memory of a very, very good Terrier girl.

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Thank you to everyone for the kind words. Family is adjusting to a new normal. Got Scuttlebutt's ashes back along with her paw print. Made a little shrine including her harness + tags. Printing a photobook for memories.

Here is a 2011 pic in her younger years. As she got older, there were more white hair around the eyes.


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