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Cairns and mice?

Guest merci

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do you have or do you know Cairns, who are friendly to small animals, like guinea pigs, rabbits, mice etc.....?

Has somebody of you small animals ?

Bye, merci

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I have a cairn that chases wild rabbits and we have a bird a sun conure that I can't let out of the cage when Rebel is about because he would like to eat him.

Of course the bird throws seed at him from the safety of his perch.

He tries to sneek up on the neighbors cat when it's in our yard so it is safe to say that he is a hunter and no small creature would be safe.

My brother has a shiloh shepherd 125 lbs of dog and he on the other hand would carry a small animal in his mouth and never hurt it.


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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It's characteristic of the breed to hunt mice, vermin and all other critters. I would be surprised to find one that actually wants to play or cuddle up with their prey but you never know. I have gerbils and when I'd put them in their plastic ball to run around, Winnie couldn't care less about them and never bothered the cage. Now Madison is a different story and I think Elliott wil follow in her footsteps.

One thing I've learned about Cairns is that you can never predict what they'll do. What an adorable pic that would make.....a Cairn with a couple mice scurring around their paws.

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We do not own any small rodent-type animals but if we did, I would be VERY careful! Carolina has killed numerous mice that I am aware of and probably more that I don't know about! It is definitely in Cairns' personality to hunt and kill rodents.

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Milopup.... your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it was curiousity, an alpha statement, food source, playmate????

If I know my Maddy, it was her telling them that she rules the roost (lucky for her, the gerbils really don't care who's the boss as long as they're fed and kept out of the pantry)

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