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I think I am bonkers, Sam doesn’t.

Sam I Am

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Well it’s colder than the devils tail up here in Alberta, but when you have a Cairn who won’t give up making your life miserable by constantly telling you that no walk is not an option! You do it. Mind you it’s only around the block, but time to check on pee mails and a potty outside. So with a thick coat, boots and much to his disgust a scarf around his ears off we go. 

Rosie the Scottie has no intentions of going out into the deep freeze...so here she is...I am sure she is laughing because her tails was wagging .


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Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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You are actually lucky he will wear that -- neither of ours will wear booties, and just flop over on their sides when we put the booties on them. Apparently they believe they cannot walk if anything is on their feet. 

A whole week here in Minnesota where the temps are not going above zero F, and well below zero with wind chill and also actual overnight temps.  I have given up inviting the boys to go out, and simply wait for each to bark at the door.  I put them on a retractable leash (yes, I know - a no-no in the training world, but useful in these temps) and let them venture out about 8 to 10 feet, where they will do all their business and hightail it back in. I never leave the porch, though I do put on my parka, boots and earmuffs to go even that far. 

Mostly they are slouching around on the blankets we keep for them in various spots in the house -- and taking every opportunity to get into our laps.  There isn't even anyone walking dogs to bark at -- the whole world here is frozen over...Except of course, for the daily delivery by the postal carrier.  

I may make a video of this: "how I spent my covid isolation winter..." Hard to get any photos when completely covered with a blanket, however....

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Oh my gosh.......You do look smart Sam. Angus can't imagine wearing anything more than what he naturally grows. Of course while bouncing in the snow is one thing going out there in the frigid temps is quite another:shock:

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Great winter outfit, and terrific that he will wear it!   It hasn't been cold enough to try a sweater on Spike yet (though Bartleby has a couple of times because he just got a crew cut.)  

As I learn more about this breed, it's not surprising that a lot of Cairns are kind of picky about when they go out and what they'll wear when they do.

Much sympathy to those of you dealing with current cold weather and storms.  We do not need anything like that in So Cal, but I am definitely thinking Spike is on the younger side-- I don't think he's been in the rain before, or not since he was a tiny little pup, maybe too young to remember.  We had a bit of rain a few weeks ago, and he acted like the planet was experiencing some unprecedented catastrophe.  "Water from the sky?!  That's completely insane!  We must seek shelter immediately!"


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