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I am so discouraged,wha is your opinion?

Guest pookiegirl

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Guest pookiegirl


I have been reading these forums for quite some time now. I so enjoy reading all about the antics of the beloved Cairn. I share my home, and heart with a little female Cairn who I ADORE!!!!

My husband and I have recently decided to add another of this wonderful breed to our family.

We got our little girl from a breeder who was a longtime member of CTCA so I decided to start our search with the CTCA breeder directory.

I contacted several of the CTCA breeders. Many referrred me to other breeders because they did not have any puppies available.

About two weeks ago, I heard from a breeder, her female had just had a litter of five.

She assured me there would be a male availalbe from the litter. She advised me of the cost of the pup, that she did not show the puppies until they were five to six weeks old, but would send me weekly updates.

Since I had not heard from her in two weeks, I emailed her to get an "update".

This time she replied by telling me NO puppies are available, they all had deposits on them, and she was considering keeping two.

I was very confused, because the other emails she had sent did not suggest that anything had changed. No mention of a deposit, or waiting list or that all the puppies were spoken for.

Is this a common practice among breeders? She essentially led me to believe one of the males in the litter was available to me, now suddenly, two weeks later, all are spoken for.

Sorry for the length of this post, but we are very confused, not to mention very upset by this sudden change in circumstances.

Any advice or suggestions on how to handle a situation like this in the future?

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what a bummer! All you can do is keep trying. I had trouble finding a local breeder, the one I did was very expensive for a puppy. What they said was "Pet quality will be $1100.00"

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I'm sorry you had a disappointing experience so far. I have found that even if the breeder verbally guarantees you a puppy, your best bet is to send a deposit as soon as possible. Keep checking your area. Ask your vet to see if they know anyone with cairns.

Also, have you considered adopting from a rescue group? Many times they have dogs that are very young. Here are two links you can check out:



Just don't give up. It took me a year to find my first cairn and about 8 months to find my second one. The third one fell in my lap. Good luck!


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Dont give up and you will find the right dog. We had a similar experience( with a rescue I might add). We had a pup picked out and all indications were that we were going to get it.....the rep from the rescue group had come out and everything was good. Out of the blue we get an email saying that the foster parents were conserned about our cat being a danger to the pup (to funny)and that we would not get the pup. We didnt give up and proceeded to look for and contact breeders.....we finally found Petey and everything has worked out for the best.........keep looking it will be worth the effort.

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Guest webstar

Greg, We shared your experience with a cat rescue home. We were promised the cat we picked out but it had to be spayed first, we were to pick it up in three days. After numerous calls to the home we were told that we couldn't have the cat as it tested positive for leukemia, I had my doubts about that as the cat was sharing a cat house (more like a cat palace) W/ at least a dozen other healthy cats. HELLO I don't think they would have put her in w/ the rest before she was tested for leukemia. That was 6 yrs. ago. We found Holly the day after and have still have her. MG

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I'm so sorry for your disappointment. I can imagine the excitment you felt and then to have that happen but....it seems things happen for a reason. You were just not meant to have one of those pups.

During this past summer I was supposed to travel up to N.H. to get a 4 month old Cairn from a wonderful breeder. I was so excited, had bought a new crate and other puppy goodies. A couple days before we were set to go, my son had a car accident. (no injuries, thank God) I was so upset, not only because of the accident and all that followed but because I wasn't able to get that puppy. I had my heart set on that puppy, sight unseen. Well, this October we did get to travel up north and came home with 8 week old Elliott...aka Helliott :whistle:

Keep looking, go to shows, ask questions, check out breeder referrals and eventually everything will come together and you will have your little Cairn.

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