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New here too!


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Actually, I am not really "new" - I have been reading and occasionally posting for a few months. I discovered the site a while ago, and I pop in during work when I need a "dog fix." Love those photos!

Now I'm registered, so here are the details:

Steve and I are the proud "folks" of Allie, a brindle cairn we have had for seven years. Before her, there was Annie, a wheaten, who we had just short or 14 years. We can't imagine a house without a cairn! :wub:

Allie's best friend is Walter, the border collie who lives down the street. Luckily, Walter's "mom" is our best friend so they get to see each other a lot. Walt also stays with us whenever his mom goes off to visit her grandchildren or other friends or relatives, so he is actually OUR dog part-time. Allie, though, keeps him in line. He obeys her every command (though not without sometimes barking at us to tell us how UNFAIR she is being...).

We live in Minnesota, where the weather is variable, to say the least. Yesterday it rained most of the day (highly unusual this time of year), and then the rain turned to snow after dark. Allie loves both rain and snow, so she was eager to get out into it on her jaunts through the neighborhood. She insists on splashing through every available puddle, no matter how cold it is. She bounds through snowbanks. The only time weather seems to stop her is when it drops well below zero -- she can become a "three-legged dog" really quick on her tours outside. We usualy urge her to do her business and then pick her up, tuck her in our coat, and head back in (We don't like it out there either.)

Hope to share stories and photos about how wonderful, curious and obstinate these little bundles of self-esteem and confidence can be!


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Hi Kathryn...

It seems all of us here just can't say enough about our Cairns. And we are blessed to have them in our lives. Glad you're with us. Hope to see pics real soon!

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Hi Kathryn,

Welcome to the Forum! I know that you will enjoy being a part of this special group of folks who have such a great love of dogs, especially our Cairns!


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