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Loki 4/5/07 to 9/18/20


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In one mythology book I read that the Norse god Loki was named after his maternal uncle, the ruler of Jotunheim, the kingdom of giants, who lived in it's capital city, Utgaard.  Loki of Utgaard, ruler in the kingdom of giants - it seemed to me to be a perfect name for a small dog that could manipulate the much larger beings around him with little more than a look.  I lost my Loki to liver cancer. 

He was know as variously as Pup, Stinker, Buster Brown, Thing 1, Lord of Chaos, Small Brown, and I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting.  He was my first dog.  I had no real idea how easily and quickly he would become an essential part of my life.  He came into my life because I was unemployed and needed a reason to get out of the house.  And boy, did he get me out!  Our weekday walk was over two miles, the weekend walks could go six or more miles.  He wasn't a fast walker, but he was (almost) always willing to walk and walk and walk.  One vacation we did a hike of about ten miles.  It started by going up the hillside for  >1,000 feet, along the ridge and back down to the other trailhead.  When our friends dropped us back at the start, Loki was tugging hard to go up again.

He was the perfect size, a true charmer, and could give you the stink-eye like nobody's business.  His life was much too short and I'm grateful for every minute of the time he spent with me. 


Loki Knute Numfar Zevon

April 5, 2007 to September 18, 2020




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Who rescued whom?

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Sad to hear this news. True buddies stay in one's heart for ever as Loki will in yours. Such pain now but such warm memories will come later.

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Oh so sad and surprised to see this notice! I remember you talking about naming Loki during our zoom chat, and I thought at the time, "now there's a name fit for a cairn!" He sounded absolutely perfect for it. 

Clearly he lived up to his image in personality if not in size, and I know you will miss him terribly.  

Dogspeed, Loki. You were loved.

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Such sad news.We all know life with our dogs is only a small space in time but every minute of it is filled with love, naughtiness, delight and in the end the inevitable sorrow of letting them go. My heart hurts for you . Take care, and remember all those wonderful walks.💕

Until one has loved an animal, a part of  one's soul remains unawakened.  - Anatole France

Adventures with Sam &Rosie


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oh my I am so sorry to hear this. Loki's life was long and glorious, it makes it harder to part, I hope some day you can think of him with only joy. many many condolences. 

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So sorry to hear this. So sad that we can't have them with us forever. Loki is sure to be in Doggie Heaven ruling the roost.

The best dogs are all Cairn Terriers.

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