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I have a quick question for everyone - do all your pups have a lot of fur on their legs and underbelly? With the cold weather making this a factor, I have noticed that he doesn't have as much fur on his legs or underbelly as he does on the rest of his body (i.e., his back). Sorry if this is silly (yet again). :shy:

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Ditto for Duffy and I think that he is only a month or so younger than Bosco. But yes, he is the same. Sounds kind of normal to me.


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Nope, just a little hair across the chest, then the belly is just soft fuzz, wouldn't call it hair. His legs are covered, but not as plush as his back.


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Finch is very hairy! I'm trying to find a groomer to trim and shape her. I mean, look at her!



You can kind of see the hair on her legs...I have never seen so much hair on a Cairn! I took the MCK to her coat today. I took a ton off and you can't even tell I used it! LOL! She even has tons of hair on her chest...less on her belly.

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Beautiful pics! Personally, I like the hairy look. I do use the Mars Coat King and also have this great brush that removes hair in between using the Mars, but I tend to keep mine a little on the "scruffy" side and they look so adorable to me. To answer you question Milopup, all of mine have just a little hair on their bellies and their legs aren't nearly as full as their bodies. My youngest Hannah has the best, thickest coat of the 3 and looks like a little fluff ball right now.

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Hi Shoe! I trim him with scissors. I've a groomer friend, who cringes when she sees my technique, hence the Kitchen Do description. But I'm fast, which Murph loves and he ends up looking puppyish, which I love. So it works for us. :)



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How come some cairns are so full and fluffy and some are not? Roxie has this thin coat, that is scraggly and even thinner on the ends. It is fairly long (where she didn't lose it), but it just isn't nice. Like a female person that complains because her hair is thin and limp. That's my Roxie. Anyway to fix that, or is that just her? Anybody?

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