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Katie recovers from Kennel Cough / Bordetella


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A few weeks ago Katie contracted kennel cough despite the fact that she was up to date for all her shots including the Bordetella and Canine Influenza vaccines.

Started out with a couple of sneezes and progressed to a hacking cough.

Off to the local emergency vet where she received prescriptions for Clavamox and Turbutrol.  

She recovered quickly.

The vet suggested Katie having her Bordetella inoculation twice a year rather than the usual annual.

This would give her resistance a boost as she goes each week to an hour of doggie daycare and to the small dog social at our SPCA and the Tuesday dog walking group.

I suspect she caught the cough at the day care as she didn’t attend the SPCA social or dog walk the previous week.  

Bordetella is highly contagious and the vaccine is just like our human flu vaccines in that it tries to cover all viruses but occasionally one could slip through.

I am posting this so if you have a socially active pup like Katie, you might want to consider twice a year vaccination. Gatherings of dogs have more potential for infection.

In all my years (50+) with dogs it was our first and only experience with canine Bordetella.  

Best in health to you and your pups!

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The groomers and day care in my neighborhood won’t accept dogs unless they’ve had bordatella vaccination within previous 6 months, not just yearly. I thought this was over-cautious, but perhaps not.

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As we don’t board our dogs or go in areas where there are a lot of dogs, we don’t and never have vaccinated for this virus. The bordatella vaccine is controversial as to its effectiveness. 


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Our keeping vaccinations up to date is based on the concern if our pup has to be boarded in an emergency.

Some years ago, we received a phone call that necessitated our dropping everything and jumping on a plane. A close friend had to scoop up our Westie and 2 cats and deliver them to our vet who could board them. 

Last year we had an emergency with Katie that required an overnight at the emergency vet.

Bordatella vaccine is not 100% as Katie did get it. Surprised us!

Katie is a high energy and social Cairn and she needs to have opportunities to expend her energy beyond our 4 walks a day.  So once this "stay at home" order is cleared, we will return to her doggie social, playtime and group walks. Until then, we will play more and toss balls more and even refresh some basic training.

Today, we have some sunshine and Katie is sunning herself on the deck. The deck overlooks a walking path for folks walking to the beach, often with their dogs. But not today. So few are out and about. We'll take a short drive later and she can look out the window at the other doggies walking.

Stay safe!







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Our area's boarders will not accept a dog without its bordatella vaccine. So I had to give it when I went away where I couldn't take Angus. 

Very glad to hear Katie is on the mend.

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I used to get my dogs KC'd because the kennels wouldn't accept them otherwise.  However, some kennels seem to have dropped this in the UK, and even my vet said it wasn't worth it since it only covered a couple of strains and they could still catch it.  Indeed one of mine came back from a show with it one time even though they had all been vaccinated.  We use a petsitter now who doesn't require us to have any vacs at all though I've had my puppy vac'd today with just the dhp ones.




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