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A tragic story


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As some of you know, I help out with Col. Potter's Cairn Rescue group. Yesterday we got a message that one of our rescues was missing. His name was Keegan, and he was a puppy mill survivor. He had been living with his foster mom for quite a while and was ready for adoption. His foster mom almost adopted him, but for whatever reason he was adopted by a family in New Jersey.

On the day that he was adopted, his new parents took him outside without his leash on. They bent down to snap the leash on to his harness, but he bolted before they could get it on. He was in a new neighborhood among strangers, with very little experience with people and cars. He was found later and he had been hit by a car. Keegan is dead.

This is just so tragic, and so unneccessary. Everyone involved is heartbroken, most of all his foster mom. I'm not going to get into the leash/off leash discussion again. Just hug your babies tight, and say a prayer for Keegan and his family.


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Oh that just makes me so sick to my stomach and makes my heart break. I'm so very sorry. I can't even think of anything else to say.

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This is so tragic and so unnecessary. My heart aches for all concerned, especially for the loss of this little pup! Duffy will get extra hugs and kisses tonight.


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How sad. I remember seeing a picture of Keegan on the Col. Potter site and thought he was adorable. My husband wont let me have any more dogs right now, so I signed up to be a transported for the Col. Potter network so that I could still help out.

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Guest posting as: figment6498

Dear Thela,

This is my first post to this board, and on such a sad occasion.

I recently submitted my application to the CPCRN. I was very much interested in potentially adopting a little boy named Timber (aka Keegan).

This evening, I recevied a call from a representative of CPCRN, asking me about my yard, and if I understood a Cairn can NEVER be trusted off leash. Owning a Cairn now, I am acutely aware of the cardinal rule of Cairn ownership.

She then told me about this tragedy. I was stunned, as she explained the little guy I had expressed interest in adopting was the beautiful baby that was tragically ended yesterday.

I cannot express the sorrow I feel for all involved in this tragegy. My heart goes out to all involved. I will hug my little girl ever so much closer tonight.

I will also shed some tears, and say a prayer, for a beautiful boy I had hoped to share our love and home with.

Sweet dreams, Keegan (Timber), may you romp and play in eternal bliss upon your crossing the Rainbow!

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Figment, how sad. We can only shake our heads and say, "if only..." Hopefully, little Keegan's death not be in vain. Hopefully others will learn from this tragedy. Good luck with your adoption process. Please come back and tell us stories of your little girl.


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